A Mindful Diet from Yoga Journal

Diet [noun] – “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” That was easy. If we look at a diet as merely what we eat, then we’re all on “diets.” Now we just need to figure out which one we’re currently on, and does it help us achieve our health goals.

The Yoga Journal has provided a 10-Week Mindful Diet Plan for Healthy Eating, which we’ll be sharing with you in blog posts. Since it’s their plan, we’ll just be reminding you that it’s there, and provide a few reminders for each week.

Being the Yoga Journal, they were sure to incorporate yoga into this diet plan, which turns out to make more sense than you’d think. Since any diet or regimen requires a commitment, incorporating a yoga practice (no matter how short in duration) helps connect this commitment requirement into the diet itself – almost like a buddy program. In this case, you’re buddy is yoga.

Week 1: Build an Awareness Foundation

Science shows us that the first step to creating a new, lasting habit is to ask yourself this crucial question: What behavior do I want to create? Notice we didn’t say, “Launch a mass attack on everything I’d like to get rid of.” Rather, it’s about naming what you want more of in your life. Here’s how to start:

Day 1: Dedicate your intention.
Day 2: Commit to a daily yoga practice.
Day 3: Set smart—not more—food goals.
Days 4–6: Practice eating mindfully.
Day 7: Cheat!

Read the details of Week 1 on the Yoga Journal