Allegro 2: Design + Function

Have you gotten a peek at Balanced Body’s new Allegro 2 Reformers? If Joseph Pilates was inspired by a white iPhone, here’s what you would get. They are beautiful, smarter, seamlessly designed machines paired with higher functionality. Maiden Lane Studios will be the only studio in the San Francisco with an all Allegro 2 setup.

Read a recent article about the innovative Allegro 2 design from Fast Company’s design mag, Co.DESIGN. They write, “Some of the finer details include a new foot bar that allows for a wider range of body sizes and that can be adjusted with a single hand, or even one’s feet. To make transitions between exercises smoother, the rope system is also easier to adjust, with a simple-to-use lever. Soft attachment points eliminate any clanking sounds from metal parts coming into contact with the metal frame. The result is an enhanced user experience.”