Andy Murray’s Pilates Craze Helps Push Him into the Quarter Finals of the French Open

“Andy Murray has a new reason to cheer, his form so far at the French Open has been spectacular. Murray has won all 10 of the matches he has contested on the clay surface this year. And what’s played a big part in upping his game: pilates.”

“Whether it’s in team sports such as rugby or football, individual sports like tennis/athletics or endurance events (marathon running or rowing), pilates is playing a bigger role in elite sports. It helps build flexibility, strength and endurance and emphasises breathing in order to relieve stress and allow adequate oxygen to flow to muscles.

“Roger Federer and Serena Williams are already sworn Pilates fans.” First Sports Article

At an earlier match this year, Andy’s Pilates instructor came over from America, “so I did a lot more work on my movement and my range of motion in my body. I feel physically much healthier with my back than I did at this time last year. It’s not just that – my tennis has been good as well – but it’s been a big, big factor for me,” stated Andy Murray. BBC Article

Pilates in San Francisco on Maiden Lane