Barre Studio Shoes & Footwear at MLS Boutique

Join us for the most amazing Barre class you’ll every take – The Booty Barre®.

Barre Studio Shoes & Footwear at MLS Boutique – Maiden Lane Studios is proud to feature Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear®, providing fashion-conscious women with innovative and eco-friendly shoes for use in the studio. These shoes are ideal for the core services MLS has to offer, including barre, yoga, and Pilates. Visit our MlS Boutique to learn more about the activewear and accessories we carry at our studio.

“Purposely bearing no resemblance to a sneaker or other athletic footwear, the chic design of Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear® acknowledges both the foot’s aesthetic as well as its natural range of movements. The result is a stylish shoe that encourages stability, prevents cramping, and protects against moisture and irritants.” – Blake Brody

  • Vogue Daily Article – Fitness: Ballet Flat or Workout Shoe?
    “I wanted to incorporate a visual warmth,” Brody says of the leopard, herringbone, and houndstooth versions in her fall line (2011)… And though they look like the stuff of Hepburn, they function as a second skin. The only thing you may have to remind yourself is to take them off as you head back out into the street.”
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