Best Fitness Studio in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios opened in 2012 at 80 Maiden Lane, as San Francisco’s premier studio for Lifestyle Fitness™, setting a new standard for high-quality fitness and lifestyle services ever since. The studio was created out of a desire to provide the best instruction and customer experience through more effective, thoughtful, and intelligent Pilates, barre, yoga, and Fascial Stretch Therapy, all set in a chic yet warm environment.
Though our clients include supermodels, professional athletes & everyday golfers, and jet setting CEOs, we believe that everyone deserves the celebrity treatment. Smaller class sizes, personal attention, extra perks, and a beautiful environment can make a difference in one’s fitness regimen. We hope you’ll join us as your studio of choice.

Best Pilates classes in San Francisco

“Our years-long quest for the perfect Pilates studio had left us feeling like our girl Goldilocks—too big, too hot, too far away… Maiden Lane Studios is just right.
“Situated in Union Square, Maiden Lane Studios is just right — a small, sunny, and modern space where we can breathe through our hundreds in peace. Plus, reformer and mixed apparatus pilates classes are limited to just three people, so we can get all the special attention we need.”
– 7×7 Magazine

Best stretch in San Francisco

Thank you, Vogue. There goes our ‘secret spot’ status. Though our clients include supermodels, professional athletes & everyday golfers, and jet setting CEOs, we believe that everyone deserves the celebrity treatment.

Best Barre Classes in San Francisco

“These small classes provide a more intimate and personal fitness experience where the instructors can be more attentive to correct each individual’s form and alignment throughout class.
“For those looking for a bit more attention or a deeper understanding of the barre technique, MLS also provides private and duet barre instruction.
“MLS has three different barre classes: Booty Barre®, Barre Tone, and GRGT™ (Get right, get tight™) Barre.”
– The Culture Trip


“While we’re partial to this airy space because it’s set up mere steps from our San Francisco goop MRKT, the semi-private, private, and group class menu, which ranges from Pilates to barre to yoga, really is one of the best in town.
“They also offer one-on-one fascial stretch therapy — pretty game changing for anyone discovering the joys of fascia.”
Thanks, Gwyneth & goop. We appreciate the kind words…
Jennifer | San Francisco
“I have been practicing Pilates since 2006, and the program at Maiden Lane Studios is hands down the best I have ever experienced. Every class emphasizes precision and functionality in a way that has brought my strength and fitness to a whole new level, and the endlessly creative approach to contemporary Pilates ensures I am always challenged and never bored.
“The team at Maiden Lane Studios takes pride in creating an environment that is welcoming, fun, and supportive for new clients and long-time regulars alike. Each instructor is dedicated to bringing out the best in every student, no matter his or her level. Visiting Maiden Lane Studios is both a treat and an essential part of my health and wellbeing.”
Shannon | San Francisco
“I love Maiden Lane Studios. The locations, the interior and the instructors are all top notch. I come here as often as I can with my work schedule. I will be moving next month and will miss Maiden Lane so much. This is one of the best pilates studios I have worked out in including places in NY and LA. Keep up the great work ladies!”
Brittany | San Francisco
“Fact. I’m obsessed with Maiden Lane Studios. Not in the creepy, restraining order type of way…but in the go 6-times a week type of way. I’ll be honest, I never truly got the whole barre craze…until coming here. The classes are amazing (to the credit of the kick-ass instructors), and the studio is absolutely beautiful. I’ve tried other barre classes in the city and felt bored because they seemed the same, class after class. Not here. Every class challenges you and each instructor has something great to offer. I also LOVE that they offer more than just barre. Yoga, check. Pilates, check. It’s a dream studio come true.
“You definitely get your money worth here. Small class sizes, friendly staff that actually know your name, and a spa-like ambiance that can’t be beat.
“Maiden Lane Studios, you rock!”
Farrell | San Francisco
“I hesitated to write a review since I don’t want to give this gem away to too many people (!), but the owners and instructors deserve one. I’ve been taking Pilates reformer and Booty Bar classes for a few weeks now and have been so impressed by the caliber of the instructors, the immaculate studio (with great amenity perks like tea/coffee), and the condition/quality of the equipment. The reformer classes are never the same, and are modified for the three people in the class that day. I’m definitely singing the praises of this studio to friends, and now the Yelp community!”
Eric | San Francisco
“I have never tried Yoga in my life so Maiden Lane Studios was referred to me by my colleagues. After taking their advice, I decided to schedule an appointment. This place is AMAZING! The studio is pristine and very open and inviting. The team is very professional and accommodating from the moment you schedule an appointment to moment you finish your class.
“Lauren is the best yoga instructor anyone could ask for. She is very patient but thorough and clear in her instructions. Knowing it was my first time, she even explained the origin of Yoga so I could understand all aspects. I am really amazed by Lauren’s passion which truly inspires me to not only continue with her direction in yoga but also just focus on being a better person in life. Lauren is incredible.”
“Overall, I would strongly suggest Maiden Lane Studios to everyone because there are only positive results waiting and yours to have.”
Cary| San Francisco
“FST is a godsend.
“Over the past five years, I tore my ACL three times, dislocated my shoulder, broke my jaw, broke two ribs, and tore my Achilles tendon. As a result, my body constantly believes it is “in recovery” whether I am injured or not. And muscles and tendons will tighten and compensate for imagined injury and phantom pain.
“Weekly FST sessions with Kelsey have kept me on my feet and active – biking, swimming, playing tennis. Though I stretch regularly at home and spend more time on a foam roller than I’d like, but the FST program augments this radically, stretches and lengthens difficult to reach corners of the body, and helps me remain limber and nimble for days.
“It has become a necessary part of my regimen of self-care and physical health, and I recommend it especially for those transitioning out of regular physical therapy programs looking for routine maintenance and further improvement.”