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Maiden Lane Studios is San Francisco’s premiere boutique fitness studio for Pilates, barre, and yoga services and instruction. Our exceptional fitness programs are paired with integral services including nutrition, mind-body health, and lifestyle offerings. We offer both small-sized classes and private and duet appointments.
Please use the links below or to the right to make a reservation online for classes or to browse our private and duet appointment availability.
Please Note: If you would like to book an appointment within 12 hours of the appointment start time or at a time that is not available on our online scheduler, please contact us at info@maidenlanestudios.com or call us at (415) 274-9940 for assistance.

"Maiden Lane Studios is the absolute best for Pilates and Barre Classes in San Francisco. I was introduced to the studio last year through lululemon and so glad I found my go-to place for an incredible strength training workout."

− Jill | San Francisco

"Maiden Lane Studios is clean, well-appointed, with the latest in Pilates equipment. The instructors are knowledgeable, gracious and encouraging, and sticklers for correct form (as well they should be), and they push you to your limits but not over, which is right where I like to be."

− GW | San Marcos

"I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am not a fan of regular “gyms” and prefer more boutique style and this is it! I’m returning to exercising after an injury/surgery and they have taken great care of me. Making sure to adjust accordingly in each of the classes."

− Renee | San Francisco

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Why FST is Better than Massage

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) in San Francisco on Maiden Lane

FST is a form of assisted stretch therapy on the table that can help improve the quality of your life by increasing your flexibility, improving proper body alignment & posture, increasing circulation & energy, improving muscle, nerve, & joint function, and extending your range of motion. It’s that simple!
FST helps to “unwind” fascia, which is full of nerves, reducing pressure between joints and the pain associated with it, while releasing joint-lubricating synovial fluid that improves the flexibility of muscles.
  • Clinic studies have shown FST can increase flexibility by up to 52% in just one session.
  • Athletes who use FST have been found to recover more quickly between training sessions and gain an improved active range of motion than with other stretching methods.
  • FST helps with proper body alignment and posture, increases circulation and energy, and improves muscle, nerve, and joint function.
  • FST is a crucial form of body therapy, as there is no supplement or medication that helps improve the state of fascia in the body and exercise alone does not optimally balance, align, or improve fascia.