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Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs
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From Fortune 500 to small tech startups, we understand the importance to every company of a healthy, productive team. Our flexible corporate fitness programs were designed to deliver fitness and wellness programming to employers that is cost effective, safe, results driven, and accessible to a diverse employee population.
The proven benefits of corporate fitness programs are many: Improved employee health, enhanced recruiting position, lower employee turnover rates, improved employee health, lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, lower sick leave, lower health costs, lower accident rates, and improved employee morale.

What We Offer:

  • Yoga, barre, Pilates, and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)
  • Maiden Lane Studios works with companies, big and small, in the tech, finance, legal, retail fields, and more
  • Single sessions or ongoing basis, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly classes
  • Special events, such as conferences and team building exercises
  • Private classes or one-on-one sessions: yoga, barre, Pilates, Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • On-site classes at your company, conference, or special event
  • Private classes at our Maiden Lane Studios facility. These smaller, focused classes (up to 15 students) help employees obtain quality fitness while connecting with associates.
  • Employee reimbursement or easy monthly invoicing
  • Professional team of instructors and administrators: reliable, easy to work with, single point of contact
Why San Francisco Companies Choose Maiden Lane Studios
for Their Corporate Fitness Programs
1. Intelligent and Results-Driven Training Methods
We believe in the intelligent and proven training methods. Unlike studios that operate with a “fad fitness” mentality, we instead focus on anatomy, physiology, and functional movement principles to effectively create balanced strength, proper alignment, increase flexibility, and lean, happy bodies. Our movement modalities complement one another, and are beneficial for all kinds of bodies.
2. Small, Intimate Sized Classes
At Maiden Lane Studios we offer some of the smallest class sizes in San Francisco. This ensures that our classes are not only safe, but more effective than the super-sized classes found at other studios in the city. Our intimate sized classes allow for a more personal, non-intimidating experience, with instructors easily being able to correct and maintain good form for each individual in class.
3. Experienced Instructors and a High Level of Service
We believe we all deserve to get the “celebrity” treatment in our pursuit of good health and fitness, with the best instructors, a high level of attention and results, and genuine care. Maiden Lane Studios carefully hires our instructors based on a number of factors:

  • Our instructors have several years of experience working with individuals with a wide variety of needs, from those looking to get in better shape, to clients wanting to increase their athletic performance, to those with mild to severe injuries and movement disabilities.
  • Our instructors are able to tailor sessions and workout programs to our clients, ensuring they are effective and fit their lifestyle.
  • All of our instructors have been certified through extensive, highly respected, PMA and Yoga Alliance accredited certification programs.
  • And very importantly, our instructors and staff are professional, warm, and passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.
4. Welcoming and Supportive Environment
Maiden Lane Studios is an inviting yet chic environment where you can get more out of your workout. With the importance of physical fitness in our everyday lives, we believe that a studio should be beautiful, clean, and convenient, with extra amenities such as lockers and towel service. Our supportive community of instructors and staff are helpful, professional, and personable. We are truly passionate about cultivating this positive environment within our studio, classes, and sessions.
Corporate Fitness in San Francisco

Proven Benefits

  • Improved employee health
  • Enhanced recruiting position
  • Lower employee turnover rates
  • Improved employee health
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower sick leave
  • Lower health costs
  • Lower accident rates
  • Improved employee morale

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