When Looking to Improve Company Culture, Start With Wellness

[Excerpt from the article Improving Company Culture Starts With Wellness, Entrepreneur]

A Competitive Advantage

While there may be a common mis-perception that employees aren’t interested in financial wellness, this is far from the truth. Not only do employees want financial wellness programs, but these programs also help employers attract and retain top talent.
If done correctly, financial wellness programs meet three key workplace measures:
  1. Businesses that promote a culture of wellness have a competitive edge. Those adoptive businesses can build stronger employee engagement with the company’s goals, according to a study sponsored by Humana and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
  2. The study found that employees in wellness programs are 12 percent less likely to experience health issues caused by work-related stress and nearly 10 percent less likely to find professional obligations interfering with their ability to make healthy choices regarding nutrition and exercise.
  3. The Humana/EIU study also confirmed that stress remains a severe health problem in the workplace. More than 70 percent of the employees surveyed concurred that company wellness programs can have at least a moderate impact in reducing stress. According to other key findings, approximately nine in 10 employees surveyed said they find participating in employee wellness programs improves their fitness as well as their overall happiness and well-being.