Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Maiden Lane Studios

Maiden Lane Studios is dedicated to the experience of our clients by offering the highest quality fitness training and personalized health & lifestyle services. We understand that health is an individual matter for each person, and that well-being is best targeted from a holistic approach. Our instructors are specifically chosen for their exceptional teaching skills and their commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals and grow further.

How many people do you allow in your group classes?

Maiden Lane Studios limits our Pilates mat, Booty Barre®, and yoga class size to 12 people, less than half of what other studios allow. We are committed to personalized attention and maintaining the safety and effectiveness of each session for our clients.

What is the difference between Pilates on the mat and Pilates on the apparatus?

Pilates on the mat and Pilates on the apparatus are similar in nature, using core principles of proper movement and form. Pilates mat employs exercises that use body weight and small props to achieve its goals while Pilates apparatus work uses a spring-loaded system of pulleys and cables. Both can be extremely challenging and customizable, but Pilates on the apparatus can give you more training possibilities due to being able the use the machine in many ways, providing you support when you need it, while also having the option to make exercises more challenging. That being said, Pilates mat is no cakewalk, requiring the use of the body in and of itself to support the body in many challenging movements. A very effective and informative mode of training, it is highly recommended for those new to the Pilates modality. View our Pilates page

How does Pilates benefit women who are prenatal or postnatal?

Pilates can be done during and after pregnancy and can help prevent injury or back pain. Pilates will help maintain strength and stabilize the spine while the body is experiencing changes throughout pregnancy. Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence and aid in labor. Additionally, a Pilates and fitness regimen will help aid in tension relief, increase energy, and improve sleep patterns. Always check with your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen. View our Pregnancy & New Baby page

Why should I add Pilates to my workout regime?

Pilates is different than traditional fitness regimes because it specifically works with select principles: core strengthening, the use of the mind-body connection, working with control and precision, smooth and continual flowing movements, and Breathwork.. Pilates particularly helps you perform and move better in athletic pursuits and in your everyday life, as well as recover from injuries more quickly. Pilates improves flexibility, posture, stability and balance, while producing long, lean muscles. View our Pilates page

Can Pilates help me with injury prevention or rehabilitation?

If you are cleared to exercise by your doctor, Pilates is an excellent way to work yourself back into a fitness regimen. Pilates rehabilitation can be effective in helping orthopedic and spine health, neurological problems (MS), chronic pain (fibromyalgia), women’s health needs (menopause, osteoporosis, pre/post natal), arthritic impairments (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) and other movement difficulties. Pilates exercises can be modified for each person to gently, while still effectively, yet gently re-train the body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion. These same patterns of motion also strengthen the body and help prevent injuries. View our Pilates page

What is The Booty Barre®?

The Booty Barre® is an energetic barre class that combines the toning benefits of Pilates, yoga, and dance to strengthen and stretch the body. The Booty Barre® was conceived by Master Pilates Instructor and fitness expert, Tracey Mallett, who wanted to create a fitness regime that allowed people to cross-train. Choreographed to music, The Booty Barre® is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens and tones your muscle fibers without adding bulk. View our Barre page

How is it The Booty Barre® different than other barre fitness programs?

Unlike other barre fitness programs, The Booty Barre® does not rely solely on isometric contractions of the muscles. The Booty Barre® utilizes more functional, fluid movements, which more closely mimics how we move in real life. This creates strength, flexibility, and helps prevent injuries. And because of fuller movements in Booty Barre® classes, there will be a greater aerobic impact on your body, thereby burning more calories. Additionally, the more dancer-like movements in The Booty Barre® make the classes fun and engaging.

Unlike other barre programs that rely heavily on working and bulking the front of the thighs, The Booty Barre® puts emphasis on targeting the backside, creating a toned and lifted butt. View our Barre page


Lauren is super motivating with a great sense of humor, and the yoga class I took with her was great and I am still sore from it

Patricia | San Francisco

I’ve done candlelit yoga with Stephanie and it was the great way to end a day….not to mention the classes are small enough where you almost get private instruction from her so I walked out with better form and definitely feeling the workout.

Michelle | San Francisco

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am not a fan of regular “gyms” and prefer more boutique style and this is it! I’m returning to exercising after an injury/surgery and they have taken great care of me. Making sure to adjust accordingly in each of the classes.

Renee | San Francisco