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Fascial Stretch Therapy Has Changed My Life

From W. Bellows, MD & Maiden Lane Studios Client
I have been involved in sports my entire life namely baseball, football, track, soccer, water skiing, bicycling and golf. Today, at age 67, I still bike and play amateur golf at mostly state regionals and senior invitationals at around a 4 hcp.
Two years ago, I was involved in an accident which left me with a torn labrum in the left hip, broken ribs and right arm. In the course of rehabbing my body, I began a supervised strength and conditioning program emphasizing core strength. Despite improvement, I was still the typical older amateur golfer with chronic back and shoulder pains taking anti-inflammatories even before I teed off! I even resorted to acupuncture.
Somehow the doctor was not listening to what the body needed.
I learned about Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) from a professional golfer who suggested I try it. After 1 1/2 years of FST, I can say it has changed my life. No more back pain, shoulder pain or tendinitis. I feel more agile, quicker and more powerful than I have in years!
This is not a placebo effect. I haven’t taken a Motrin or Advil since I started FST!
In summary, I believe FST with a qualified instructor is an invaluable adjunct for the amateur and professional golfer. It enables me to perform at my highest level while minimizing the chance of injury.
Thanks Kelsey for helping me. You are a true healer.
W. Bellows, MD & Maiden Lane Studios Client