A recent article worth sharing in the Huffington Post declared that fascial stretch therapy is awesome for your sex life. At Maiden Lane Studios, we’ve known this for sometime now, really. And, we apologize if we haven’t shared that with you earlier.

However, we’ve been focused on making sure our clients understood the other amazing benefits of FST – to name a few:

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Okay, now back to the awesome sex life article, which is a great backgrounder on FST in general, and why it helps make sex (more) awesome:

The following excerpt is from the article: Fascial Sex Therapy is Awesome for Your Sex Life:

How does FST benefit you?

Fascial Stretch Therapy in application is table-based assisted extension that manipulates how your body is capable of stretching. Instead of stretching isolated muscles, one by one, these movements stretch the fascia in a more globalized way — targeting multiple fascia lines at a time.

Colin Jackson, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, says, “It does not force your body to do what it doesn’t want to; but, it is essentially like a clinically controlled romancing of the body, if you can picture that.” The key to a fulsome FST treatment is by connecting with a skilled and certified practitioner who understands how to listen to your body and use not only learned aptitude, but savvy intuition to provide a consistent application of traction.

Why is this good for you?

The differentiating factor with FST that separates it from traditional stretching is the use of traction, which is essentially creating space in a joint capsule (i.e. your hip joint), which allows synovial fluid to flow and help with the way the joint moves. Our joints become compressed over time, which unfortunately impedes by forcing the muscle to overcompensate, thus creating strain.

Think of it this way: butter on toast. If your joints are toast and you want to apply butter, you would rather have room temperature butter than cold, refrigerated butter to spread on your bread, right? The butter is to toast, as synovial fluid is to your joints. Fascia Stretch Therapy makes the “butter” warm. “When I apply traction, oscillation and circumduction, thus stretching multiple fascial lines at the same time, magic happens,” says Colin.

What does all of this have to do with sex?

Well, our genitalia experiences pleasure because of the interaction with our nerve endings. When in relation to experiencing pelvic zone pleasure in particular, much like osteopathy or yoga, FST helps to decompress your pelvis and open your hips to help expand not only range of motion, but the sensing of pleasure as well. FST helps deliver expansion to your sacrum, (specifically the root chakra) which is connected to everything from your lower back, hips, pelvis — specifically the uterus, femoral head and its ligaments.

FST, as explained by Colin Jackson, can help with full hip and pelvic release which, as supported by Dr. Carlen, can over time reset your ability to experience deeper pleasure. So, according to us, here are the top five reasons why you should consider introducing Fascia Stretch Therapy into your holistically healthy and intimate lifestyle.

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