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Fascial Stretch Therapy is a Godsend

From Cary, MLS Client | San Francisco
O ver the past five years, I tore my ACL three times, dislocated my shoulder, broke my jaw, broke two ribs, and tore my Achilles tendon. As a result, my body constantly believes it is “in recovery” whether I am injured or not. And muscles and tendons will tighten and compensate for imagined injury and phantom pain.
Weekly Kelsey have kept me on my feet and active – biking, swimming, playing tennis. Though I stretch regularly at home and spend more time on a foam roller than I’d like, the FST program augments this radically. FST stretches and lengthens difficult to reach corners of the body and helps me remain limber and nimble for days.
FST has become a necessary part of my regimen of self-care and physical health, and I recommend it especially for those transitioning out of regular physical therapy programs looking for routine maintenance and further improvement.