Flat Belly in 7 Days Workshop – June 21st at 6PM ($15)

Flat Belly in 7 Days Workshop – June 21st at 6PM ($15) – Join our resident nutritionist, Lorin Martini, this Thursday for a one of a kind workshop to help flatten your belly in just 7 days!

She will teach you some tricks of the trade that will get you beach ready in a week or less. Space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot today.

Did you know:

  • Parsley can help reduce bloating? Come learn how to incorporate this herb into a detox friendly tea.
  • There are 3 foods that you eat every day that can counteract your flat belly efforts?
  • There are 3 foods that you should be eating to flatten your belly and help reduce stomach bloat.
  • You can add this simple item to your beverages to help encourage weight loss? I’ll give you a hint; it’s small, black and tasteless.
  • Oil is a dieter’s best friend? You read that right! This particular oil is used immediately by the body for energy instead of being stored as fat.
  • 10 grams of this nutrient commonly found in fruits and vegetables helps reduce belly fat by 4%?
  • All beverages are not created equally? Find out which ones can help you prepare your midsection for summer.
  • Your favorite pastime can help tighten abdominals? You can do it anywhere; standing, sitting or laying down!
  • Reserve your spot today: