Forbes: True Leadership Means Ensuring Your Team Is Healthy And Happy

“It doesn’t matter how emotionally invested people are in the companies they work for – if they feel burnt out, productivity goes down the drain.”
“I recently had a few conversations with coaching clients who sought solutions for keeping employees engaged, feeling great and enthused. This seems to be especially critical at crunch times, when hours get longer, people burn out and they rely too heavily on caffeine and sugar. So I decided to drill down into the topic of how personal wellbeing initiatives lead to happier, healthier and therefore more productive teams.
“Employer-sponsored wellness programs have become more popular in recent years, but today’s employees deserve more than gym memberships. Great executives take on a holistic approach to wellness that includes everything from mental health support to stress management to wearable devices that track health and fitness.
    ‘Holistic wellness programs can help to drive recruiting and retention efforts, as well as productivity and employee engagement,” notes HR blogger Liz Taurasi. “It’s about helping people reset and come into work happier and healthier, which is better for the individual and creates a really great company culture for employers.’
“But what does corporate wellness look like in terms of day-to-day leadership for executives? And how can leaders model good behaviors and make it easier for their team to follow suit?” – Read the full article on Forbes