From Pilates to the Bedroom

When it comes to have stamina in the sack, fitness fanatics definitely come out on top. But the sexual perks of working out are not limited to hardcore CrossFitters or marathoners, the subtle art of Pilates can definitely help you between the sheets.

Most people associate the Pilates Method with flat abs. But to get that toned torso, you have to work deep. I mean really deep. I am talking pelvic floor deep. Yep. That muscle group worked during Kegel exercises is also worked in Pilates. There’s a kind of neurological synergy between the pelvic floor and the transversus abdominis, the deepest layer of ab muscle. So when you pull your navel to your spine, like you do multiple times in every Pilates class, you should also be engaging your pelvic floor too. It’s like a Kegel but with an extra lift.