Golf and Pilates – Fitness & Flexibility

Golf and Pilates – Fitness & Flexibility [Part 2 of 5 on why Pilates is good for your game]

Why Pilates?

The key to a successful golf swing is balance. Pilates integrates the entire body into all movement patterns, helping restore muscle balance by lengthening tight muscles, strengthening weaker muscles, thus increasing strength and power, and enhancing balance and stability.

Fitness & Flexibility

Studies show that “nearly 60 percent of recreational golfers suffer from golf-related injuries at some point in their lives. These injuries often relate to lack of conditioning, improper stroke techniques and lack of flexibility. Incorporating a Pilates routine improves fitness level and golf game; it also decreases golf-related injuries. “Pilates Digest” states that Pilates golf exercises increase range of motion, balance and stability, and posture and body alignment. It strengthens core muscles, too. When golfers are physically fit, they improve their golf swings without the worries of back and shoulder injuries.” – Golfsmith

Pilates Golf Exercises – A Primer from Golfsmith