Golf and Pilates – A Warm-Up Exercise

Golf and Pilates – A Warm-Up Exercise [Part 5 of 5 on why Pilates is good for your game]Chicken Winging is when the lead elbow bends through impact and follow-through, which can cause tension in that arm. Here’s a warm-up exercise to help reduce this fowl form in your swing.

The Exercise:

  • Like down on your back, knees bent and hip-distance apart, arms by your side with a neutral pelvis (the pubic bone and the hip bone are in the same plane. This means that the pelvis is not rotated forward in a hyperextension of the spine, or tilted back in a tuck).
  • Reach your arms to the ceiling as you inhale and begin to reach them overhead while maintaining the abdominal connection and shoulder blade.
  • Exhale to continue the circle, reaching the arms back and to the floor, then around and finishing back by the side.
  • Inhale, reach to the ceiling again, completing 3 – 5 reps.
  • Then reverse the direction for 3 – 5 additional reps.