Golf and Pilates – Why Should I Care?

Golf and Pilates – Why Should I Care? [Part 3 of 5 on why Pilates is good for your game] – Pros and amateurs alike share one core aspect of golf few would like to admit to – injuries. And, although professional golfers tend to have fewer injuries than amateurs, they are not imune from this side affect from the sport they love.

Here’s some stats compiled on the subject:

“Pros usually sustain injuries in their hands and wrists (29.6% men vs. 44.8% women); low back (25% men vs. 22.4% women); shoulders (11.4% men vs. 7.5% women); and elbows (7.3% men vs. 6% women). Because of the many hours that pros play each day, overuse is the culprit for 80% of their injuries; striking the ground and twisting the torso account for the remaining 20%. Addressing these particular areas of vulnerability should be a crucial part of any golf conditioning program. Specifically, Pilates exercises that target foot and leg alignment, core strength, joint and spinal flexibility, shoulder rotation, and arm, wrist and hand strengthening need to be included in the program because the swing’s momentum depends on the sequential kinetic transference from each body segment into the club. Spinal alignment is vital to proper swing mechanics, since the spine coils and uncoils 100–130 times in one direction over an average 4-hour game.” – IDEA Health & Fitness Association