Golf and Pilates – Your Secret Weapon to a Lower Score

Golf and Pilates – Your Secret Weapon to a Lower Score [Part 1 of 5 on why Pilates is good for your game] – A good golfer begins with good posture, body strength, and flexibility. An effective golf swing requires a full range of motion from the spine and ribs, and shoulders. Strength, flexibility, and a good posture are at the core of a Pilates regimen.

According to Sean P. Gallagher, director of The Pilates StudioTM in Manhattan and coauthor of PilatesR Method of Body Conditioning. “First off, [Pilates] is a balance exercise; secondly, it helps you gain strength and flexibility in the torso for powerhouse control, where the golf swing comes from. Pilates exercise also incorporates core-extremity integration in multiple planes and configurations that allow for better control of the extremities. This control will help the golfer fine-tune the ability to direct the ball. It is also beneficial because Pilates exercise works nearly every muscle in the body during an intermediate-level workout and puts most joints through a normal range of motion.”