How Yoga is Helping Save the Minds and Bodies of NFL Players – Yoga, to all of you who have not yet partaken in it’s practice, is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. According to some, the ultimate goal of yoga is liberation (or moksha). One such liberation for NFL players has been the liberation of pain and physical deterioration of their bodies through the practice of yoga.

We have had a number of professional athletes visit us for yoga at Maiden Lane Studios

There was a recent article in Men’s Journal about the effects of yoga on how football players are turning to yoga to help them revitalize and repair their bodies after years of physical abuse in the NFL.

“After suffering a career-ending injury making a routine tackle during Jacksonville Jaguars practice in 2003, Mitchell experienced a six-month paralysis. He lost the use of his body, but during his time in the hospital, Mitchell felt he also lost his grip. “We hold on to these things: the athletic abilities, the accolades, because we have invested our lives and our identities into them,” he says. “But I realized very quickly that our bodies naturally deteriorate and depreciate. We end up asking ourselves, ‘Why don’t I do it like I used to do it?’, and we have this constant judgment that goes on: ‘Am I inadequate? What’s wrong with me?’ The most important thing is to realize that we have to go through a transition as life transitions.”

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