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Certified barre instructor in San Francisco


Certified Barre Instructor


Candace, an Austin, TX native will get your heart pumping and your muscles shaking in her fun and energetic Booty Barre classes. With a passion for movement and healthy living, Candace became certified to teach Booty Barre after discovering the classes at Maiden Lane Studios. Understanding how exercise plays a huge role in her physical and emotional health, Candace has regularly practiced yoga, ran, swam, and weight trained for years. She was drawn to Booty Barre’s dynamic exercises and comprehensive movement philosophy, and how well it complemented her busy and adventurous lifestyle. Candace is also currently studying holistic nutrition at Bauman College.

Why I Teach

I’ve had a deep connection with fitness, nutrition and wellness since I was in my teens. This passion eventually led me to teaching, something I never thought I’d do. There is something about teaching that makes me feel so connected and present, while at the same time, inspired by the determination of everyone in my class. I love being able to share my passion for fitness and health with my class while we push each other beyond our perceived limitations. And I’m not gonna lie, I love the butt that teaching Booty Barre has given me. 🙂

Fact. I'm obsessed with Maiden Lane Studios. Not in the creepy, restraining order type of way...but in the go 6-times a week type of way. I'll be honest, I never truly got the whole barre craze...until coming here. The classes are amazing (to the credit of the kick-ass instructors), and the studio is absolutely beautiful.


Maiden Lane Studios is the absolute best for Pilates and Barre Classes in San Francisco. I was introduced to the studio last year through lululemon and so glad I found my go-to place for an incredible strength training workout. It's like you're in someone's living room as the decor and feel of the place is so gorgeous and inviting.


I've tried other barre classes in the city and felt bored because they seemed the same, class after class. Not here. Every class challenges you and each instructor has something great to offer. I also LOVE that they offer more than just barre. Yoga, check. Pilates, check. It's a dream studio come true.


Beautiful, uber clean and most importantly an amazing talented and caring staff to make your every goal a reality. I have some very specific needs and have been challenged and accommodated beyond my expectations. Would never consider anywhere else...They create a supportive and positive environment unlike any other studio I've tried. Love it here!


Wow. I'm *STILL* feeling pumped 4 hours after my frist Booty Barre class this morning! This studio is fantastic and booty barre is seriously fun. I'd definitely recommend taking the 8:30am class with Naimah. She's an awesome teacher and totally kept me motivated throughout the class (even when it was kicking my ass). Excited to make visits here a regular part of my workout week!


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