The Instructors at Maiden Lane Studios

Pilates instructor in San Francisco


Senior Certified Pilates & Barre Instructor

Currently on sabbatical.


Kaley first discovered her love of Pilates while living abroad in Spain, but it wasn’t until she moved back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon that she was able to turn her passion into a profession. Kaley discovered that Pilates can change the body as well as the mind, and she wanted to share that with her clients.
Kaley’s interest in movement started at a young age when she practiced dance, rode horseback and was a competitive swimmer. She received her Comprehensive Certification in Pilates from Balanced Body and she is also a member of Balanced Body Barre Faculty. Kaley’s clientele ranges from those with severe mobility issues and pre/post natal, to the clients looking to strengthen, tone and get in better shape.
For the past three years, Kaley has been teaching in Boston and recently moved to the Bay Area. She enjoys teaching a fun, creative and challenging lesson while still respecting the principles of classical Pilates.

Why I Teach

I genuinely like helping people and helping them learn about how the body works. I think that you learn from the clients and, as clients get better, you get better as a teacher.
I like helping clients understand the strengths they didn’t think they had, and to challenge them to strengthen themselves in other areas.
If they can discover strength or mobility that they didn’t know they had, and recognize weaknesses and imbalances that they can work to improve, then all the better.

Why I Teach Pilates

Pilates to me is just like washing your face and brushing your teeth – you need to do it. It is good for the body and mind. I need it personally in my life and I think others do too.

Why I Teach Barre

I like that all the training and attention that is paid to form and alignment in Pilates is translated into active movement in barre – to have that subconscious control in the body, good form, and to fun music.

My Teaching Style

My teaching style is encouraging, supportive, and motivating. I like to help my clients believe that they can do more than they think, because I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our true potential. I also want my clients to walk out of class feeling stronger and confident in themselves.

Kaley has been so attentive, so much so, that after only two classes, I feel so much more confident.


Fact. I'm obsessed with Maiden Lane Studios. Not in the creepy, restraining order type of way...but in the go 6-times a week type of way. I'll be honest, I never truly got the whole barre craze...until coming here. The classes are amazing (to the credit of the kick-ass instructors), and the studio is absolutely beautiful.


Maiden Lane Studios is the absolute best for Pilates and Barre Classes in San Francisco. I was introduced to the studio last year through lululemon and so glad I found my go-to place for an incredible strength training workout. It's like you're in someone's living room as the decor and feel of the place is so gorgeous and inviting.


I've tried other barre classes in the city and felt bored because they seemed the same, class after class. Not here. Every class challenges you and each instructor has something great to offer. I also LOVE that they offer more than just barre. Yoga, check. Pilates, check. It's a dream studio come true.


Beautiful, uber clean and most importantly an amazing talented and caring staff to make your every goal a reality. I have some very specific needs and have been challenged and accommodated beyond my expectations. Would never consider anywhere else...They create a supportive and positive environment unlike any other studio I've tried. Love it here!


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