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Lauren began her exploration into human well-being as a student at Texas Woman’s University where she earned her B.S. degree in nutrition. Lauren was introduced to many facets of yoga at the Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Denton, Texas in 2001 and earned her teaching credential in Moksha Yoga in Montreal in 2010.
In addition to teaching over 1500 classes in the U.S. and internationally in Canada, France, and Denmark, she practices yoga daily, finding new challenges and inspiration in every session. Lauren helps her students develop by encouraging them to strengthen their ability to focus, staying in each moment with awareness. She finds that calling for mindfulness and humility not only deepens their understanding of yoga but creates an environment of acceptance and support. Her students learn that proficiency in yoga is not based merely on increased flexibility and strength but in using the practice to reach beyond their individual selves to embrace community.

Why I Teach

The desire to teach came from a genuine curiosity within my own practice and interest in the body and its integration with the mind. I teach because it fuels my own fire, and this fire I am building is there to be share with others.

Why I Teach Yoga

I teach yoga because I believe in what I am teaching: the form, the philosophy, the connection and reflection… all of it. It is so vast, intricate, and has centuries of history and evolution behind its methods. It’s interesting because as I have taught more and more over the years, I feel it is my duty to share this gift of yoga with others. It’s sometimes hard to consider myself a teacher, I like to think of myself more as a guide that encourages people to discover deep within one’s physical and mental self and how that translates into their relationships and environment. The practice is the perfect blend strength and flexibility, power and surrender.
I teach because I enjoy the dialogue between teacher and student. Seeing people open up, and disconnect from their roles and commitments for an hour, so they can tap into themselves and nourish themselves is one of the most empowering things one can do for themselves and I am happy to be of a service to that part of people’s lives.

Why I Teach Barre

I teach barre because I love to dance and I love music. The energy of our barre classes is uplifting, and the drive of the music has the power to take away the stresses of the day and transcend into strong bodies. Getting people to loosen up and find the beat within them is fun!

My Teaching Style

My teaching style is anatomically based. Building from this foundation of alignment and engagement, I like to incorporate some creative transitions and an opportunity to try some different poses. Each class has a strong foundation with some added flair.

Why I Became a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

With my background in yoga, I deeply understand the importance of flexibility and making stretching a part of the daily routine. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique and pain free manual therapy method that produces immediate results, usually after just one session.
Because of the results I’ve witnessed within my clients’ bodies and my own, I decided to obtain my Level 2 FST certification. This extension of training has given me more tools and creative inspiration to customize sessions to each client’s individual needs.
There are many environmental factors that influence our physical fitness on a daily basis, such as: sitting or standing at work for prolonged periods of time, endlessly dropping our gaze down to our electronics, the force of gravity, and other repetitive habits. All of these can take a toll in stiffening the body, causing pain and lack of mobility.
With FST, movement happens with better function and ease. What makes this method so special is traction, which is a part of the foundation of painlessly creating more space within the body. Completely letting go and “tractioning” through different planes of motion is something that can only be obtained through the help of a therapist.
The reduction in pain and increase in range of motion from an FST session is mind blowing. The gains made with consistent FST sessions not only aid in physical performance, but also help reduce stress and ease tension from everyday life.
I love helping people understand more about their bodies. My sessions allow time for understanding the sensitivity to the subtle body, which is often neglected and yet very important.
I often give ‘homework’ to help clients maintain and continue to build awareness of themselves outside of the studio. To me, this is the most satisfying type of work, as I love helping people gently connect in the deepest and most subtle ways.
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Lauren is the best yoga instructor anyone could ask for. She is very patient but thorough and clear in her instructions. Knowing it was my first time, she even explained the origin of Yoga so I could understand all aspects. I am really amazed by Lauren’s passion which truly inspires me to not only continue with her direction in yoga but also just focus on being a better person in life. Lauren is incredible.” – Eric (Yelp Review)
“I used to hate yoga, literally hated it because I felt so stressed out every time I couldn’t do everything quite right. Not at Maiden Lane and especially not with Lauren, she has changed me and my perception about yoga. Now I can’t wait for my classes, I feel so much better, she’s a great instructor and motivator. I love my classes, and the studio is pretty perfect.” – Belen (Yelp Review)
“I recently started up again and have been going to Lauren’s noon yoga classes every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. She is ammaaazzing. And always helpful. Whenever I had questions or issues with certain positions or moves, she will always take the time out to help me. Even though I’m still a super beginner, I still feel super welcomed. ” – Judy (Yelp Review)
“Not only was I so comfortable, the class was very challenging but in a fun way- Lauren pushed us to our limits but everyone was laughing and having fun doing it.” – Emily (Yelp Review)
“Lauren is super motivating with a great sense of humor, and the yoga class I took with her was great and I am still sore from it (I normally don’t even like yoga)! ” – Patricia (Yelp Review)

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