Juice Cleanses – What are they all about?

Maiden Lane Studio’s 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse is set to begin in one week on January 25th. And there are just a few more days to sign up! Apprehensive about cleanses or want to know more about what they’re all about? Kelsey shares her experience with juice cleanses and walks you through how they go.

My Juice Cleanse Experience


You may be one of the many who ask themselves, “What’s all the hype with juice cleanses?” Or, you may have major doubts about being able to give up chewing solid foods for 3 days, yet you still find yourself interested in or like the idea of the challenge. Anyone can do anything for just 3 days, right? These were my thoughts just one year ago when I embarked on my first juice cleanse. Since then I have completed two more cleanses and now consider them as part of my quarterly health routine.

More than the prospect of losing weight (though I did lose 6 pounds during my last 3-day cleanse), I gravitated to the concept of devoting 3 uninterrupted days to let my body reset, renew, and rest. For a Type A person like me, it’s a way to justify “me time.” However, I will admit that on my first cleanse there were a few rough patches within that 72-hour time frame. Here’s a quick break down of how I felt during those 3 days:

Day 1: Doable. I was the hungriest on the first day due to a drop in blood sugar levels that accompanied the lack of higher calorie solid foods that would typically be a part of my diet. However, the hunger pangs eased away as my system became used to the combination of juices, water, and teas that were included in the cleanse.

Day 2: A little rocky. With the lack of caffeine and toxins being released from my body I woke up with a bit of a headache on day 2. I was the most tired and moody during this day, so here’s where the “me time” became very helpful. I used this day to relax and rest as much as possible.

Day 3: Energized. The third day was a breeze for me and I ended up thinking, “I could do this for two more days.” I felt lighter, refreshed, and well rested.

Doing a juice cleanse in January is a great way to kick-start any weight loss goals for the new year. It’s also an excellent way to place a reset on your system, and essentially start the year off with a “clean slate.” I hope you experience the same amazing feeling of well-being and clarity of mind that I feel after one of these cleanses. Learn more about our MLS 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse, or email us at info@maidenlanestudios.com with questions. Remember, you must sign up by 12pm, Wednesday, January 23rd to participate in the juice cleanse January 25-27 (Friday through Sunday)!