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Master Pilates Instructor
Master Barre Instructor
Fascial Stretch Therapist – Level III

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Kelsey completed her comprehensive Pilates certification through Body Arts and Science International (BASI).
Kelsey assesses and builds custom programs for each individual client based on the integrity of the BASI technique. She also believes in a well-rounded approach to fitness, adding to her repertoire a certification from Tracey Mallet to teach The Booty Barre®. This distinct training has allowed her to combine her love of Pilates and dance, and gives her clients a fun and effective cardio & toning workout.
Kelsey’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement, paired with her natural ability to understand people, allows her to challenge and help her clients grow. With her commitment to guiding her students to move with proper form, she maximizes the benefits and results in each session. And very importantly, Kelsey’s love of teaching, her exuberant personality, and her creativity make each of her Pilates and fitness programs fun and fresh.

Why I Teach

I love what I do. I teach Pilates and barre because helping people transform their bodies in ways that allow them to excel in everything that they do, whether that’s competing in professional sports, getting ready for a wedding, shaving strokes off their golf game, or just living a healthier life every day is extremely rewarding to me.

Why I Teach Pilates

I truly believe that Pilates is a gift that must be shared. It is a method of movement that simultaneously helps your body, mind, and overall awareness comprehensively stronger. Our clients feel stronger, stand taller, and are more in-tune with themselves after each session. One of my favorite comments from a client was: “my husband says I am more fun since coming here!” It isn’t just about the way you look – it’s about the way you feel and how that resonates with everyone around you. View our Pilates page

Why I Teach Barre

Barre is a fantastic compliment to Pilates. It’s fun and results oriented where the movements help sculpt long and lean muscles. Clients feel the burn first and see the changes in their bodies soon thereafter. The most talked about change is a more firm and lifted backside. No one can complain about that! View our Barre page

Why I Train in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

As the Director of Instruction and Master Pilates Instructor at Maiden Lane Studios, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in movement, anatomy, and helping others. Teaching Pilates and barre have both been great conduits for pursuing these interests, but now with the addition of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) under my belt, I’ve able to provide an even more therapeutic approach to helping others move and feel better.
When I was training for my first half-marathon, I incorporated regular FST sessions to my cross-training routine, and credit the success of that first race to these sessions. FST helped with the recovery after long runs, as well as helped me maintain proper alignment and connection to my body. With these positive results, I knew I had to obtain my advanced certification in FST.
FST is a comprehensive form of stretching that not only works to lengthen tight muscles, but more importantly it is a system that works from the core joints of the hips and shoulders and then into sheath of fascial tissue that surrounds muscle. Similar to Pilates, this concept of working from the core first is functional and holistic and the results from every session is staggering. View our FST page.

My Teaching Style

I place an emphasis on the flow and transition of my classes and sessions. I like for one movement to seamlessly flow into the next in a purposeful and creative manner. I focus on full body movements that engage multiple muscle groups to work at the same time, where balance, stability, and strength are challenged. Creativity is a key element to my approach, and being able to vary movements and keep routines fresh is always a priority.
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“Weekly FST sessions with Kelsey have kept me on my feet and active – biking, swimming, playing tennis. Though I stretch regularly at home and spend more time on a foam roller than I’d like, but the FST program augments this radically, stretches and lengthens difficult to reach corners of the body, and helps me remain limber and nimble for days. It has become a necessary part of my regimen of self-care and physical health, and I recommend it especially for those transitioning out of regular physical therapy programs looking for routine maintenance and further improvement.” – Cary, San Francisco
“Beautiful, uber clean and most importantly an amazing talented and caring staff to make your every goal a reality. I have some very specific needs and have been challenged and accommodated beyond my expectations. Would never consider anywhere else – Kelsey and the entire team are simply amazing to work with and be around. They create a supportive and positive environment unlike any other studio I’ve tried. Love it here!” – Mary, Walnut Creek (Yelp Review)
“Just celebrated 2+ years at Maiden Lane. And it’s been an amazing transformation for body, soul, and brain. Is and always has been 5 *****. It’s the support and motivation, experience and environment that set this studio apart. Kelsey has been with me since day 1 and she is quite frankly phenomenal to train with – tough love at its finest and in the best possible way. ” – Mary, Walnut Creek (Yelp Review)
“The barre classes are fantastic, the best in San Francisco, and the Pilates classes are a fundamental practice for everyone. I’ve been to most Pilates and Barre studios in SF and there’s nothing similar to MLS. Beginning and continuing your healthy fitness journey with Kelsey, who is the best Pilates instructor in the Bay Area” – Carla, San Francisco (Yelp Review)
“As a fitness professional (and fitness addict!) I have trained with pilates instructors all over the world. Kelsey and her team of instructors are by far the most high quality, skilled, and engaging professionals. I have worked with Kelsey for several one on one apparatus sessions as well as taken group reformer, yoga, and booty barre. I am continually impressed by the knowledge, expertise, and care I receive in every workout. A good pilates instructor gives you what you want. A GREAT pilates instructor gives you what you NEED and changes your life for the better. ” – Caroline, San Francisco (Yelp Review)

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