LifeStretch® Classes in San Francisco

LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch class designed to help you become more flexible in body, mind and spirit. Lifestretch uses synchronized breathing and a unique movement concept called the stretch wave. It is a fundamental way to move the body freely, in an easy, comfortable, undulating and oscillating fashion. As opposed to targeting isolated, single muscles, and holding difficult & painful positions, LifeStretch progresses through chains of neuro-myofascia through activation and inhibition principles of the nervous system. It recognizes that the brain learns movement patterns in multiple planes, not with uniplanar isolated muscle contractions. Motor patterning is optimized for our brain and nervous system to pick up more quickly, translating to improved posture, gait, and other functional activities of daily living. Lifestretch also uniquely uses self -traction to create space in joints and greater ease of movement, while avoiding pinching joints to yield bigger gains in mobility.

Class starts in standing position and proceeds to mat work with a variety of flowing and pain-free mobilizations and stretches.

You’ll be rewarded with not only feeling and seeing a progressive increase in movement with ease, but you’ll also experience the sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being that accompanies it.
LifeStretch was developed by the founders of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). If you’ve been interested in or already do FST, LifeStretch has a similar foundation to FST and is a great complement to it.
Join Pat, our certified LifeStetch instructor, for our newest LifeStretch® Class – Wednesdays at 4:30 PM