Maiden Lane Studios’ Resident Nutritionist

Maiden Lane Studios’ resident nutritionist, Lorin Martini, B.S., C.N.C., is committed to helping clients learn how their nutritional choices can help them live healthier and happier lives. Read Lorin’s personal message on her passion for nutrition, wellness and helping others:

Difficulty losing weight, stomach cramps, flatulence, breakouts, fatigue… any of these sound familiar? Well, prior to becoming a nutritionist, this was my life. In addition to having my gallbladder removed at the young age of 18, I battled digestive discomfort and weight gain for years. I tried yo-yo diets and deprived myself of the foods I loved to ease my symptoms, but nothing worked. Finally, I decided to break the cycle and try something new. That’s when I discovered nutrition and what it meant to “eat well”. The answer to my years of suffering came down to a simple solution: food.

Now, I continue on my path to sustain wellness and look forward to helping others do the same. With the proper guidance, education and practice, you too can find your healthy weight, nourish your body for your lifestyle, and boost your energy. The best part is, I don’t encourage deprivation or push one uniform way of life. We are unique individuals that don’t fit into a “one size fits all” approach.

I believe in taking a holistic approach to wellness. As such, I examine all areas of your life in our initial consultation. This allows me to create a program that is specifically tailored and exclusive to you. It is ineffective to isolate any one area and expect results. Stress from your job may affect your weight. Difficulty sleeping may poorly influence your dietary choices. Through one-on-one consultations we will explore nutritional, exercise and lifestyle habits and develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. If you can commit to nurturing your body from the inside out, I promise you will love the results. Changing deeply rooted habits will take time and commitment but I will be there for you every step of the way.

Cheers to your health!
Lorin Martini

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