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Meditation Helps the Fashion Industry Reboot, Refresh, and Stay Grounded

Meditation never goes out of style. While fashion folk constantly seek out the latest wellness trend — IV drips, sensory deprivation, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, turmeric and beet lattes — the centuries-old practice is finding new currency.
“It’s tough within the industry now,” says Khajak Keledjian, who opened the NYC-based meditation center Inscape last November. “There’s such a disconnect between fashion and wellness. Fashion — high standards, execution. You know how it is, it’s 24/7, never stops. We’re always on to the next.”
Demna Gvasalia: “Every morning I do meditation for one hour to start the day from zero, with a white page, and it does work. I started it not so long ago and I was quite skeptical about it. It takes some time to learn it but it does work. Holistic fashion. It helps to calm the mind.”
Donna Karan: “At Urban Zen, we find the calm in the chaos, a little time to go deeper, letting go of my ego, just being. It’s wonderful to meditate in groups; the energy is so strong with a teacher when you feel the energy coming back and forth.”