Meet Maile from Loup Garou Rescue

Meet Maile from Loup Garou Rescue

Update (12/22) – A huge congratulations to Maile who has found her forever home with one of our clients. No better holiday gift could we have asked for. Thank you all for your support in helping Maile in her time of need.

I’m a just over a year old and am looking for my new forever home.

I was rescued from a shelter by the amazing people at Loup Garou Rescue. This organization focuses on animals like me who come into this world with beautiful dark colors. For some reason, we have a harder time getting adopted. I’m so grateful to them for saving me and others like me. You are Superstars!

Maiden Lane Studios is a strong supporter of animal rescues such as Loup Garou, and offered to foster me until I can locate a good home. They have told me that I can stay with them as long as I need to, so I’m enjoying the holiday season in a very good place now.

If you’d like to learn more about me, or are interested in adopting me, please review my web page or send me an email at and I’ll make sure that my friends from MLS get back with you immediately.

Please check out my web page here

Thank you & happy holidays,