Movement for the Modern Body™ and Comprehensive Strength From the Core Out™ – Our goal at Maiden Lane Studios is to help our clients achieve a holistic approach to their fitness. Movement for the Modern Body™ takes a direct approach to understanding the relationship between physical training & exercise, and the needs of the body for strength, flexibility, and balance.

Our approach is Comprehensive Strength From the Core Out™. With a focus on Comprehensive Strength™, we are able to help clients achieve a body that is balanced, aligned, and mobile. We focus on major and minor muscle groups, as well as their surrounding connective tissue (fascia), helping ensure that that they work efficiently and in conjunction with one another.

Comprehensive Strength™ is also about understanding the ‘mind’ component of physical fitness. One of the usages of the word “comprehensive” relates to understanding. At Maiden Lane Studios, we believe that to achieve life-changing results from a fitness regimen, it is important to also train the mind to focus on using the correct muscles, with the proper intensity, for specific movements. This understanding of the relationship between mind and body is where true, Comprehensive Strength™ and efficiency in movement can produce life-long habits for healthy living.