Nutrition + Wellness™ Workshop: Sprouting & Greens

2-Hour Sprouting & Greens Workshop followed by a 1-Hour Gentle Yoga Flow Class
(suitable for all-levels)
Sunday, August 28th | 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Sprouting seeds, legumes, and nuts is a simple process that not only enhances the nutritional content of the food but increases its digestibility, boosts your metabolism, aids in weight loss, reduces blood pressure, and improves your vision, skin, and immunity. The best part is that sprouts are delicious, adding great flavor and texture to your meals and even make a great snack on their own. Why purchase sprouts at a market, which often spoil quickly, are more prone to foodborne illness, and are extremely overpriced?
Learn how to easily and inexpensively grow your own superfood year-round. Join us Sunday, August 28th for a 2-hour Sprouting & Greens workshop followed by a 1-hour Gentle Yoga Flow. We’ll begin a fresh batch of sprouts for you to take home, explore the potential of urban gardening in the Bay, and discuss the innumerable benefits of a green diet.
Leave the workshops with the tools and materials to continue sprouting at home year-round. Each participant will receive their own sprouting kit with approx. 24 oz of assorted seeds, legumes, and nuts specifically & hygienically produced for sprouting (certified organic & non-GMO).
Workshop is led by Story Glen, our resident Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. Enrollment Fee: $75.
The Power of Sprouts
  • Research indicates that consuming sprouts may support cardiovascular health, bone mineral density, contain anti-cancer potential, protect DNA against free radicals, and help treat diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, & arthritis. Research from the University of Ulster has shown that 100 grams of sprouts a day may prevent Cancer. The International Journal of Applied Science declared sprouts to have the highest concentration of phytonutrients per calorie of any food. Phytonutrients are absolutely vital to your health and work synergistically in a way supplements simply cannot mimic.
  • The sprouting process alters the nutritional content by reducing fat, gluten, and ghrelin, the hormone that signals hunger. It also eliminates tannins, aflotoxins, and phytic acid, which disrupts the absorption of essential minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Sprouts are an enormous reservoir of antioxidants, omega 3-fatty acids, essential vitamins, proteins, and our good friend fiber, fueling your body with clean energy while satiating hunger to make you feel fuller longer.
  • Not only do these tiny treasures decrease your appetite, they also aid weight loss by increasing the digestibility of protein, lowering your glycemic index, alkalizing your body, and acting as potent metabolic booster. If you could choose one food to integrate into your daily routine, sprouts are the clear winner.
  • Sprouting is quick, easy, affordable, and takes up little space. Incorporating this simple practice will provide a life-time of benefits to your health and well-being.