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We know that good nutrition is essential in helping us feel our best and achieve our optimal health. Eating a balanced diet on a daily basis, however, has become more and more difficult to accomplish in our fast-paced lives.
Nutritional therapy, natural healing, diet therapy, cleansing, detoxification, fasting, and healing foods are all a part of developing an easy nutritional program that works within your lifestyle as well as your personal health needs.

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Nutrition Services

Personal Nutrition Consulting

Realize your best self through the transformational journey of a stress-free wellness plan designed and supported by your personal nutrition consultant. Together, we will identify your goals, become aware of any obstacles, develop a flexible strategy to achieve your desired outcome, and commit to action with increased self awareness.

Nutrition Workshops

Build a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to begin using nutrition as a pathway for personal wellness.
Understanding roles of nutrients within the body’s network, differentiating foods with nutritional value from the persuasion of product marketing, and initial steps to meal planning. Attendees will leave with a core understanding of nutrition and practical strategies for implementing this knowledge to enhance their health and longevity.

Meet our Nutrition Consultant

instructor-laureng1-398x266-cS tory discovered Yoga and Nutrition as tools to help rejuvenate herself from many years of dance, and enhance her connection between mind, body, and present awareness.
The foundation of her yoga and barre practices is grounded in the concept of an intelligent alignment of the body. From this concept, she encourages her students to explore the transitional space between poses with a conscious relationship to breath as the guiding force for movement.
As a Nutrition Consultant, Story focuses on identifying an individual’s true nutritional disposition. From this analysis, she then applies her knowledge of contemporary nutritional science, Ayurveda, and western herbalism to help design a program that achieves the individual’s goals for a healthy lifestyle.
Her passion for empowering individuals and communities through movement and conscious growth instills in her each day the exciting potential for transformation.
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The Water Diet (Part 1)

Fitness and hydrationFeeling thirsty or those subtly pervasive pangs of hunger stalking you all day long? Then you are probably among the 75% of Americans who suffer from a mild, chronic dehydration that often masks itself as an innocuous craving for food. The same region of the brain which signals hunger also detects thirst.

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