Our Experience with The 14-Day Detox

Maiden Lane Studios Dump the Junk, 14-Day Fall Detoxification Program Experience

The idea of a detox can sometimes be intimidating and tortuous. So the ladies of MLS have been giving our Dump the Junk, 14-Day Detox a whirl before unleashing it on everyone else. Here are Kelsey’s & Jean’s experience with the detox thus far.

You Can Eat: The great thing about this detox program is you are still eating good, delicious food. Each day we have a great meal with foods like roasted chicken, quinoa & brown rice, sautéed vegetables, and beans & lentils. The key is seasoning! Use fresh herbs, olive oil, vinegars, and chicken/vegetable broth. We’re also snacking on fruit, vegetables & hummus, nuts, and eggs throughout the day.

It’s Easy: A protein shake doesn’t always sound enticing. On our detox, we are consuming 2 a day. But when you add frozen fruit, juice, almond/hemp milk, nut butters, or shredded coconut, it becomes a treat. And best of all, it’s easy! Without much effort, you can whip up a meal in a couple of minutes. Our personal favorite- think Pina Colada: almond milk, oj, frozen pineapple, a banana, shredded dried coconut, kale, and the protein powder/detoxification powder.

You Feel Great: Yes, there are days when a glass of wine sounds like heaven. But a short break from some of the things you crave the most give you perspective on what your body really needs, and how it feels when it’s not consuming those items. As a result of this short break, we’ve been sleeping like babies, have glowing skin, and have been feeling our jeans (or spandex) get a little looser.

You Have Support: Our nutritionist, Lorin Martini, has been guiding us through the detox waters. She has prepared sample meals plans, recipes, and has been a great source of support and knowledge. All of us at MLS doing the detox as group has been a fun and supportive experience.

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