Pilates on Union Square in San Francisco

Pilates Apparatus Class - Allegro 2 ReformersPilates on Union Square in San Francisco – Our private and group apparatus classes use the brand new Balanced Body®, Allegro® 2 reformers. The most versatile reformers on the market, the Allegro® 2 allows clients endless possibilities in movement and training. Each session at Maiden Lane Studios is a full body workout, customizable, and always challenging and engaging.

Maiden Lane Studios takes a contemporary approach to our Pilates instruction, but maintains the traditional standards of precision and attention to quality. Contemporary Pilates is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates, but has been adapted to fit with modern scientific research regarding proper biomechanics. Heavily influenced by physical therapy, our Pilates instruction is informed by today’s knowledge about correct, functional movement.

All of Maiden Lane Studio’s instructors have gone through extensive & highly-respected Pilates certification programs. Each instructor is able to diagnose a client’s movements, and prescribe regimens that tone and target specific muscle groups, increase flexibility, and strengthen the body to prevent injuries.

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