Private Yoga
in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios offers private and duet yoga instruction for those seeking extra attention in their yoga practice. Private appointments are available in-studio or at your home, hotel, or office.

Private Yoga Start-Up Package

Great for beginners to Yoga or those seeking more personal attention in their practice. Set the foundation for your Yoga practice with 3 private yoga appointments with one of our certified instructors. Each private appointment is 55 minutes long. The Yoga Start-up Package also includes a group yoga, Pilates mat, or barre class of your choice.

Benefits of Private Yoga from Maiden Lane Studios

  • Helps people new to yoga learn the basics quickly and effectively, helping reduce the potential stress and intimidation when beginning a yoga practice.
  • Learn about the different types of yoga and receive recommendations as to which style may work best for you.
  • Focus on specific goals with your personal instructor: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual components.
  • Attend to special physical needs: injuries, rehabilitation, posture, strength, alignment, etc.
  • Take your yoga practice to the next level – whether just staring out or as an experienced yogi.
To learn more about our private yoga program, please call us at (415) 274-9940 or email us at

Lauren is the best yoga instructor anyone could ask for. She is very patient but thorough and clear in her instructions. Knowing it was my first time, she even explained the origin of Yoga so I could understand all aspects. I am really amazed by Lauren's passion which truly inspires me to not only continue with her direction in yoga but also just focus on being a better person in life. Lauren is incredible.

Eric | San Francisco

Beautiful, uber clean and most importantly an amazing talented and caring staff to make your every goal a reality. I have some very specific needs and have been challenged and accommodated beyond my expectations. Would never consider anywhere else...They create a supportive and positive environment unlike any other studio I've tried. Love it here!

Mary | San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios is a fantastic place for yoga snobbery here! The studio is super clean, and provides mats & all props at no extra charge. I enjoyed my experience there enough that I booked a FST private with Lauren during my visit - well worth the time and money if you want to feel great.

Msue| Dallas

Private Yoga
in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios’ small sized yoga classes and private yoga instruction offerings allow us to work on a personal and much more effective basis than yoga found at big box gyms and even many boutique studios.
We believe in yoga for the modern body, and yoga to enhance and balance the modern lifestyle. Our yoga program serves as a vital component in our comprehensive well-being offerings. We place equal importance on promoting mindfulness, working in proper alignment, and increasing strength and flexibility. Our intimate sized classes and private yoga services allow our yoga instructors to give the attention students need for a fulfilling and evolving practice.
In a welcoming and supportive environment, we work with those who have never practiced yoga before to advanced yogis. Our exceptional yoga staff has an immense range of trainings and knowledge in varying styles of yoga practices, including Asthanga, Iyengar, and Hatha.
To learn more about our private yoga program, please call us at (415) 274-9940 or email us at