Questions about the GRGT™ Bootcamp?

GRGT™ 6-Week Bootcamp Q & A

kels-GRGTWe’ve had a lot of questions from our clients about our GRGT 6-Week Bootcamp program. We’re here to answer them!

What makes the Bootcamp’s Pilates circuit classes different from Maiden Lane Studio’s other classes?

Our Pilates bootcamp classes do indeed offer the same core principles we uphold at MLS: Small class sizes, personalized attention, and holistic workouts that target the main & the supporting muscle groups while utilizing proper form.

But here’s what sets these classes apart:

1) These classes utilize traditional Pilates apparatus exercises performed in high-intensity bursts, followed by short periods of rest. You will build your cardiovascular health more efficiently, while strengthening the body, cinching the waistline, and burning more calories. Basically you get the best of both worlds, which should see your body and fitness level noticeably change over the course of the 6- week bootcamp.

2) Making a commitment to yourself to make it happen. By sticking to a schedule of these high-intensity classes within a set amount of time, you are preparing yourself to see and feel the best results a fitness program can offer.

3) Guidance throughout the program in attaining goals. We know each person is different and has individual goals, and we are there to help you each week to stay on the path, being the ”friend” that helps hold you accountable to yourself.

Is each class in the Bootcamp the same over the course of the 6 weeks the same?

No, all of our classes will vary so you don’t get bored, helping to keep you challenged as the weeks go by. Each class is designed around functional movements performed in a special order, at varying levels of intensity, to get the most bang for your buck.

I will be away for a week during the Bootcamp’s schedule, so I can’t make it to class every week – is there a way for me to still participate in this program?

Yes! We designed our bootcamp schedule to provide flexibility for our clients. We recommend either a once or twice a week schedule for the bootcamp, but also understand that we all have busy lives and there may be times when we’re traveling or are too swamped with other commitments. With our 6 or 12 class package, participants can choose what class dates in the program work best for them.

We hope this helps those who wanted to know more about the bootcamp. For more information, visit the GRGT Bootcamp page. Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (415) 274-9940. We’d love to hear from you!