Riding the Waves of Pilates

Riding the Waves of PilatesWithin a month of working [with Pilates], Diederich’s back pain had just about vanished. “When I first started, I thought, You want me to do what? But it was a life-changing experience for me. I started to see all of the imbalances that training in the gym had caused. I became extremely aware of my body and the movement connected to it.”

Surfing had been a part of Diederich’s life since he was a boy growing up in California. But 10 years ago, his joy of catching the next big wave came crashing down due to a back injury. “I was a professional firefighter for 23 years,” says Diederich. “And, just like every other firefighter, I had a second job: I was a sports trainer and had been working in a gym for close to 30 years.”

Both jobs finally took a toll on his back. “I had five different orthopedic surgeons tell me I needed to retire,” he says. “I wasn’t ready, but I couldn’t even stand up straight.”

[Excerpt from article by Pilates Style]