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49ers Head Coach Practices Yoga & Meditation

To reduce stress and help unclutter his mind, 49ers Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan practices yoga and meditation.
“He is a big believer in breathing exercises, and he’ll stand on his head in his office before games this season to get in a proper mental zone.
” ‘I could go really deep,’ he said, ‘but I don’t want to sound like a weirdo.’
“Shanahan’s practices might sound odd to old-schoolers around the NFL: Bill Belichick, 65, doesn’t strike many as the type to strike yoga poses. Shanahan, the league’s second-youngest head coach at 37, has found it has helped him survive in a high-stress environment.
“It doesn’t make him the picture of perfect health: He’s so locked in during the season that he skips meals and annually loses 20 pounds, but he can’t imagine the mess he’d be without mindfulness help.”