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The way a bride wants to look for their wedding depends on a number of things: the dress, their body type, current physical shape, and the time they have available to prepare. Maiden Lane Studios can help brides design the body they want for that very special day. The four key components to our programs involve strength training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and good nutrition.
The key to any bridal fitness program is to begin as early as possible. Weight loss or muscle toning does not happen over night. However, we can create a program no matter what the timeline, but we strongly recommend that you begin early and finish strong.

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I literally feel happiness hit when class begins. My body has changed in a way I didn't know it could.

Melissa | San Francisco

I hesitated to write a review since I don’t want to give this gem away to too many people, but the owners and instructors deserve one. I've been taking Pilates reformer and Booty Barre classes for a few weeks now and have been so impressed by the caliber of the instructors, the immaculate studio (with great amenity perks like tea/coffee), and the condition/quality of the equipment.

Farrell | San Francisco

I can't tell you how much I love this place. We did the Saturday morning barre class with Kelsey and loved it. It's a total body workout you won't regret. The studio is clean, the staff are professional and I love the small class sizes.

Aza | Burlingame