Pilates, Yoga, and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) for Golfers

The golf swing is one of the most complex movements in all of sport. The advent of high-speed video cameras has helped reveal that power and speed are not generated primarily from the arms. Almost every muscle and joint in the body is put into action to some extent during a golf swing.
Millions of dollars are spent each year on golf lessons in the United States alone. However, one of the biggest problems encountered by students is the inability to physically reproduce the techniques they are being taught; usually due to issues with flexibility and core strength. Only in recent years has it been considered that it was the golfer’s body that may be contributing to their lack of success in implementing these modifications from their coaches.
Many of the more successful golfers of today (both professional and amateur) have transitioned from mere golfers to athletes (at varying levels), maximizing their bodies’ strength and flexibility in order to achieve lower scores. It’s not about bulking up, it’s about being smart about your strength and flexibility.
Maiden Lane Studios recommends private Pilates and yoga sessions to our golfing clients to help strengthen their core muscles and increase their balance and flexibility. Our skilled instructors work with professional athletes and everyday golfers to help them achieve their specific fitness goals.
We are happy to help recommend a program that works with your personal needs.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) for Golf

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is more dynamic and effective than traditional bodywork, FST is a form of assisted stretch therapy that can increase your flexibility, reduce aches and pains, and improve your range of motion and athletic performance.

PGA and Pilates

“The Professional Golf Association describes Pilates and golf as a “perfect match,” and claims that Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam practice the method to improve their games and prevent injuries.” – Livestrong.com

PGA and Yoga

“If you are looking for exercise that will help all aspects of your golf game, look no further than yoga. Practicing yoga can help you develop strength, stamina and flexibility – all useful elements for the golfer. It even can help with your breathing which could help you focus on the course.” – PGA Tour

Comprehensive Strength from the Core Out™

Our approach is Comprehensive Strength From the Core Out™. With a focus on Comprehensive Strength™, we are able to help clients achieve a body that is balanced, aligned, and mobile. We focus on major and minor muscle groups, as well as their surrounding connective tissue (fascia), helping ensure that they work efficiently and in conjunction with one another.
Comprehensive Strength™ is also about understanding the ‘mind’ component of physical fitness. At Maiden Lane Studios, we believe that to achieve life-changing results from a fitness regimen, it is important to also train the mind to focus on using the correct muscles, with the proper intensity, for specific movements. This understanding of the relationship between mind and body is where true, Comprehensive Strength™ and efficiency in movement can produce life-long habits for healthy living.
Every individual is unique, that’s why we put each client through a series of assessments that will help determine the correct starting point, helping us focus on which exercises should be incorporated into their workouts. We end up with a tailored program that is ideal for the individual.
Pilates Golf in San Francisco

I literally feel happiness hit when class begins. My body has changed in a way I didn't know it could.

Melissa, San Francisco

In my experience, some of the other Pilates and group classes I've taken elsewhere can be awkward and impersonal, but at MLS I feel welcome and like we're in it together.

Betty, San Francisco

My core has never looked this good! So grateful for these ladies! Not only is the studio beautiful but the team there is fantastic.

Jill, San Francisco
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Fascial Stretch Therapy in San Francisco

Fascial Stretch Therapy in San Francisco is a Godesend

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Weekly Kelsey have kept me on my feet and active – biking, swimming, playing tennis. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) stretches and lengthens difficult to reach corners of the body and helps me remain limber and nimble for days.

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