Lifestyle Fitness™

Our studio was created from a desire to provide Movement for the Modern Body™, a more effective, thoughtful, and intelligent approach to physical fitness. Our Lifestyle Fitness™ Programs rely on varying combinations of Pilates, barre, yoga, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), and nutrition to help our clients achieve their lifestyle fitness goals.
Athletes Pilates and Yoga San Francisco


The NFL, NBA, MLB, professional golfers and tennis players are discovering that Pilates and yoga are two of the best forms of cross-training and conditioning for top-tier athletes.
Weddings and brides - get in shape workouts and diet in San Francisco

Brides & Weddings

The way a bride wants to look for their wedding depends on a number of things: the dress, their body type, current physical shape, and the time they have available to prepare.
Private Yoga in San Francisco


The PGA understands the power of Pilates and yoga to a successful golf game, and so do the players. Help your game by improving your strength, stamina, flexibility, and focus.
Pregnancy and New Baby Fitness Programs

Pregnancy & New Baby

Practicing yoga during pregnancy offers many benefits including core strengthening, mindful stretching, stress relief, and a chance to focus on slow, deep breathing.

Professional & Office Life

To learn more about how Maiden Lane Studios can help you get back in shape, stay in shape, and improve your overall well being, please fill out this form and we’ll get back with you right away.
Weight loss fitness and nutrition program in San Francisco

Weight Loss Programs

Our approach to weight loss looks at two basic lifestyle components: exercise and nutrition. Weather it’s a focus on exercise or nutrition, we can help you with both. CURRENT PROGRAM: GRGT Bootcamp

I literally feel happiness hit when class begins. My body has changed in a way I didn't know it could.

Melissa, San Francisco

In my experience, some of the other Pilates and group classes I've taken elsewhere can be awkward and impersonal, but at MLS I feel welcome and like we're in it together.

Betty, San Francisco

My core has never looked this good! So grateful for these ladies! Not only is the studio beautiful but the team there is fantastic.

Jill, San Francisco