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Our goal at Maiden Lane Studios is to help our clients achieve a holistic approach to their fitness, which is intelligent, effective, and enhances their lifestyles. With more and more hours being spent at the office and the increased stress it puts on the body & one’s overall well-being, a comprehensive approach to fitness which takes lifestyle into account is essential for a balanced mind and body.
Maiden Lane Studios can not only help you achieve a strong and lean physique, but we skillfully employ techniques to create balance, flexibility, and proper alignment in the body, and to balance out the negative effects of sitting at a desk for long hours. With an emphasis on proper breathing techniques and being in tune with one’s body, we help counterbalance stress while helping clients gain energy and find better focus and clarity.
Maiden Lane Studios has successfully worked with many professionals, from CEOs, to attorneys, architects, physicians, chiropractors and more. Adjacent to San Francisco’s Financial and Soma districts, convention center, and public transportation, Maiden Lane Studios is a convenient location for both Bay Area locals and travelers alike.

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