Yoga Classes & Private Yoga in San Francisco

We believe in yoga for the modern body, and yoga to enhance and balance the modern lifestyle. Maiden Lane Studios’ yoga program serves as a vital component in our comprehensive well-being offerings. We place equal importance on promoting mindfulness, working in proper alignment, and increasing strength and flexibility. Intimate sized classes and private yoga services allow our instructors to give the attention students need for a fulfilling and evolving practice.
In a welcoming and supportive environment, we work with those who have never practiced yoga before to advanced yogis. Our exceptional yoga staff has an immense range of trainings and knowledge in varying styles of yoga practices, including Asthanga, Iyengar, and Hatha.

Our Yoga Program

Yoga for the Modern Body

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are numerous for both the body and the mind. At Maiden Lane Studios, we believe in high quality instruction and practicing yoga with mindfulness, intelligence, and functionality. Yoga at Maiden Lane Studios supports the modern body through a thoughtful practice that counteracts the stresses our bodies undergo in our daily lives. Yoga works to open up the body while increasing flexibility, strength, and balance, while also calming and centering the mind.

Why Maiden Lane Studios

With an acute understanding of the body and intelligent movement, we teach yoga with an emphasis on correct alignment and safety, while providing space for playfulness and progression. We have created a yoga community at Maiden Lane Studios that is based on support and growth, and that is non-competitive and non-judgmental. Our small sized classes and private instruction offerings allow us to work on a personal and much more effective basis than yoga found at big box gyms and even many boutique studios.

Private Yoga in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios offers private and duet yoga instruction for those seeking extra attention in their yoga practice. Private appointments are available in-studio or at your home, hotel, or office. Learn more about our Private Yoga program.

Yoga Services

Form and Flow Yoga in San Francisco

Form & Flow Yoga

This dynamic and focused class combines aspects of alignment integrity and Vinyasa flow. You will learn skills, build strength, endurance, flexibility and concentration. Designed for those who want to learn, progress, and challenge themselves. This class can include sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, core work, arm balances, twists, backbends, transitions and inversions. All levels are welcome.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga in San Francisco on Maiden Lane

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sync breath with movement, challenge body and mind, and feel refreshed. This Vinyasa flow class will make you stronger, stand taller, and move better in your daily life. With an emphasis on core strengthening poses, build full body strength, restore mobility, and increase mental and body stamina. All levels are welcome.
Private Yoga Instruction Class in San Francisco

Yoga Intensive

Yoga Intensive is a workshop style class where you’ll be introduced to foundational concepts, posture variances, and philosophy. These learned skills are translatable to everything from beginner postures and are necessary to get into more advanced poses. This class is alignment focused and will break down the more subtle details that build strength and stability, as well as create flexibility. Regardless if you’re new to yoga and are building confidence or are a seasoned practitioner looking for refinement, you will have fun exploring the intricacies of this practice. All levels welcome.

Yoga Core

An energetic class that integrates Vinyasa yoga, breath work, and strengthening the body’s core through a mix of poses and sequences, Yoga Core will help make you stronger, stand taller, and move better in your daily life.
It includes deep core work that tones the abs, obliques, hips, back and pelvic floor, integrated full-body Vinyasa yoga sequencing with attention to breath and body alignment, and opening and rotational movements for the chest, hips, and back. Each class will sculpt the body, tighten the waistline, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered at the end of class.
Candlelit Yoga in San Francisco on Maiden Lane

Candlelit Yoga

Enhanced by candlelight, this yoga class is designed to help ease aches & pains and alleviate the effects of chronic stress, poor posture, and wear & tear on the body. With the use of Yin Yoga, restorative yoga, therapy balls, and aromatherapy, we’ll mobilize and strengthen our deeper connective tissues, while restoring the nervous system, balancing energy and quieting the mind.
Meditation in San Francisco on Maiden Lane


Scientific studies have shown that a regular meditation practice can increase happiness and improve health, while relieving stress and helping you gain focus. Calm the mind and enhance your overall well-being through our free meditation sessions led by a Maiden Lane Studios yoga instructor.

Corporate & Office Yoga in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios will customize a yoga program for your office.
Please call (415) 274-9940 or email us at to learn more about our corporate/office yoga services.

Yoga Instructors

Barre and Yoga instructor in San Francisco


Certified Yoga & Booty Barre® Instructor, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level III

In addition to teaching over 1500 classes in the U.S. and internationally in Canada, France, and Denmark, she practices yoga daily, finding new challenges and inspiration in every session. Lauren helps her students develop by encouraging them to strengthen their ability to focus, staying in each moment with awareness. She finds that calling for mindfulness and humility not only deepens their understanding of yoga but creates an environment of acceptance and support. Her students learn that proficiency in yoga is not based merely on increased flexibility and strength.


Certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor

Ramona found yoga as a way to balance her hectic life as a young attorney. First introduced to yoga in the 90’s, she began a daily practice in 2008 to support her busy and active lifestyle. Ramona’s love for the practice grew as she learned that the study of yoga, and with it the discovery of the mind and body, could last more than a lifetime. This led her to deepen her study of yoga through a comprehensive teacher training with Maile Sivert and Caroline Kelley at The Mindful Body in San Francisco. It was also at this time that Ramona began Mysore-style Ashtanga and meditation practices that continue to bring awareness and philosophical insight to her study.
pilates san francisco


Certified Pilates, Barre, and Yoga Instructor

Chelsea was Balanced Body certified in 2012 and continued her education with a barre certification in 2014. After four years of teaching, she has refined her style to be both fun and challenging for her students, and aims to energize them to reach their maximum potential. Chelsea believes that through breath and functional movement one can achieve balance and peace of mind.
Yoga instructor in San Francisco


Certified Yoga Instructor

The first time Monika took a yoga class, she was immediately hooked. Always questioning ‘how’ and ‘why’ in life, she decided to take a teacher training course to discover more about yoga. After the first week of training, she realized she’s been a yogi all her life. Monika embraces living in the present, unconditional love, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude. She co-owns and operates one of San Francisco’s longest running independent event promotion and production companies in the City and brings her ear for music and her everlasting energy to class.
Senior Yoga instructor in San Francisco


Certified Yoga Instructor

Michelle has studied various styles of yoga including Hatha, Iyengar and Restorative Yoga. She is an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and teaches energetic classes focused around breathing, alignment and fluid movement. Michelle’s classes focus on practicing acceptance and gratitude in the studio, while bringing the benefits of yoga into all aspects of your life and athletic endeavors.
Pilates instructor in San Francisco


Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Miranda is a passionate advocate of the complimenting disciplines of Pilates and yoga. Her classes combine the focus, breath and mindset of yoga while maintaining the detail of Pilates instruction. She is dedicated to sharing the joy, challenges and rewards of deep conscious movement with her students.
Certified yoga instructor San Francisco


Certified Yoga Instructor
With nearly a decade of her own personal yoga practice, Jackie bows in gratitude for what yoga has selflessly given her. Her classes aim to provide a creative, playful sequence while also honing in on proper alignment. By bringing awareness to the breath and cultivating mindfulness, Jackie encourages her students to take the tools they learn on their mat out into the world.

Benefits of Yoga

We believe that yoga is for everybody and can benefit everybody. In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, from increased flexibility and balance, and a strong, toned body, yoga makes you happier, increases focus and mindfulness, and boosts confidence. It improves posture while promoting joint, bone, and spine health—meaning less injuries , aches, and pains. Yoga also increases circulation and can help drop blood pressure, and in some of our more vigorous practices, can also serve as cardiovascular exercise, burn calories, and help you lose weight.
Additionally, practicing yoga helps support the immune and lymphatic system, while regulating your adrenal glands and cortisol levels. Yoga releases body tension and relieves stress, giving the body the ability to relax and restore, helping you sleep better, and enjoy an overall higher quality of life.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Efficient and intelligent movement: Yoga incorporates series of functional movements that include full body, multi-joint body movements on different planes. It trains the body more intelligently and to move more efficiently in your daily life.
  • Builds strength: Create a strong and sculpted body. Increase strength throughout the entire body, including but not limited to the arms, back, tummy, hips, legs, and glutes. Because yoga simultaneously builds flexibility as well, yoga creates a more balanced and optimally aligned body than traditional strength training alone.
  • Increases flexibility: Yoga helps to gradually loosen tightness in muscles (which are often developed from poor habits, habitual movement patterns, and other body imbalances) which will alleviate aches and pains while helping prevent injury. Being flexible allows you to move more freely and with ease in your everyday life.
  • Increases balance: A regular yoga practice increases inner body awareness and improves balance.
  • Improves posture: Poor posture can lead to back, neck, and other muscle and joint problems. Yoga helps keep you properly aligned, allowing you to stand and sit taller.
  • Promotes joint, bone, and spine health: Yoga involves a wide range of movements, which helps keep joint cartilage healthy and protect it against arthritis. The wide range of movements involving the spine keep the disks in your back supple. The weight bearing nature of yoga helps ward off osteoporosis.
  • Supports the immune and lymphatic system: Contracting, stretching, and twisting the body in yoga helps increase the drainage of lymph, a fluid in immune cells. This assists the lymphatic system in fighting infection, destroying cancerous cells, and detoxing the body.
  • Increases circulation & improves heart health: Movements in yoga increase circulation and help oxygenate your cells and tissues. In more vigorous Vinyasa classes, getting your heart into the aerobic range improves heart health.
  • Drops blood pressure: Studies have shown that people with hypertension have lowered blood pressure after just three months of regular yoga practice.
  • Regulates your cortisol levels: Yoga lowers cortisol levels produced by your adrenal glands. Excessive cortisol levels can compromise the immune system and have also been linked to depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.
  • Helps you be happier & boosts confidence: Studies have found that a regular yoga practice can improve depression and increase serotonin levels. Yoga also works to both physically train the body, helping you look good and feel good about yourself, while realigning the mind to become more grateful and content.
  • Increases focus: Yoga teaches you to focus on the present. Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores.
  • Alleviates stress: Stress is tied to a huge array of physical health problems. Yoga and meditation helps you learn the tools to quiet and refocus the mind, preventing the frustrations, anxieties, angers, and fears we often impose on ourselves.
  • Improves sleep: Studies have found that better sleep is another by-product of a regular yoga practice. Sleep is one of the most important components of our daily routine. Good sleep has been linked with better overall health, a smaller waistline, a better immune system, less stress, and of course, more energy and ability to focus throughout the day.

Yoga Pricing

Pricing Schedules

New Client Pricing

Group Yoga, Barre, or Pilates Mat Classes
  • New Client 3-Pack Group Classes$49
  • New Client 1 Month Morning Early Bird Unlimited Group Classes$139
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class before 12:00 PM)

  • New Client 1 Month Early Bird Unlimited Group Classes$169
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class before 5:30 PM)

  • New Client 1 Month Unlimited Group Classes$199
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class)

Private Yoga
  • First Private Yoga Appointment$99
Great for beginners to Yoga or those seeking more personal attention in their practice. Work with a certified instructor to get detailed recommendations customized to your needs.
Yoga Start-Up Package
Great for beginners to Yoga or those seeking more personal attention in their practice. Set the foundation for your Yoga practice with 3 private yoga appointments with one of our certified instructors. Each private appointment is 55 minutes long. The Yoga Start-up Package also includes a group yoga, Pilates mat, or barre class of your choice.
  • Yoga Start-Up Package$275

Yoga Classes (All Group Classes)

All group classes and packs are valid for any combination of yoga, Pilates mat, or barre classes. Each class is capped at 12 students.
  • Single Session$25
  • 5 Pack$120
  • 10 Pack$220
  • 20 Pack$400
Monthly Group Class Memberships
Great for those that love variety and small-sized classes. Enjoy one barre, Pilates mat, or yoga class per day, plus receive 20% off Pilates apparatus classes and save 10% on all activewear purchases. A three-month commitment is required on our monthly group class memberships.
  • Unlimited Group Class Memberships$199/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day (Less than $9/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear
    Early Bird Unlimited

  • Group Class Membership$169/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day, before 5:30 PM (Less than $6/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear
    Morning Early Bird Unlimited

  • Group Class Membership$139/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day, before 12:00 PM (Less than $5/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear

Yoga Private & Duet Appointments

Private Appointment with a Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Single Session$110
  • 5 Pack$525
  • 10 Pack$1000
  • First Private Yoga Appointment$99
Great for beginners to Yoga or those seeking more personal attention in their practice. Work with a certified instructor to get detailed recommendations customized to your needs.

Duet Appointment

These private appointments with one of our Yoga instructors are for two clients who want to schedule an appointment together – great for friends, partners, and colleagues. Prices are listed per person.
  • Single Session$70
  • 5 Pack$325
  • 10 Pack$600

Yoga Start-Up Package

Great for beginners to Yoga or those seeking more personal attention in their practice. Set the foundation for your Yoga practice with 3 private yoga appointments with one of our certified instructors. Each private appointment is 55 minutes long. The Yoga Start-up Package also includes a group yoga, Pilates mat, or barre class of your choice.
  • Yoga Start-Up Package$275

Complimentary Amenities

Our clients choose Maiden Lane Studios because of the quality experience we provide them. In addition to expert instruction, genuine customer service, and exclusive perks & events, we provide the following amenities as complimentary to all of our clients:
  • Lockers
  • Towels
  • Changing rooms with toiletries
  • Water, coffee, tea, and champagne
  • All equipment and accessories, mats, balls, etc.

Yoga Studio Gallery

Yoga with Lauren has fundamentally and drastically changed my perception of yoga. Starting off completely new to yoga, I became increasingly interested in and drawn into yoga through a private class and subsequent group classes with Lauren.

Tricia| San Francisco

I’ve done candlelit yoga with Stephanie and it was the great way to end a day….not to mention the classes are small enough where you almost get private instruction from her so I walked out with better form and definitely feeling the workout.

Michelle | San Francisco

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am not a fan of regular “gyms” and prefer more boutique style and this is it! I’m returning to exercising after an injury/surgery and they have taken great care of me. Making sure to adjust accordingly in each of the classes.

Renee | San Francisco