Week 2 of 10 Weeks of Wellness™ – Yoga & Nutrition

Week 2 of 10 Weeks of Wellness™” on Maiden Lane
Adho Mukha Svasana (Downward Dog) & The Farmer’s Market

Downward Dog helps strengthen your arms & legs, stretch your shoulders, hamstrings, calves & feet, helping get us over to the farmer’s market, where we can stock up on seasonally fresh and nutritious foods.


Downward Facing Dog/ Adho Mukha Svasana

Benefits of Adho Mukha Svasana
  • Strengthens arms and legs
  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches of the feet, and hands
  • Energizes the body
Steps for getting into the Pose
  1. Start on hands and knees, hands slightly wider than shoulder distance, fingers are wide
  2. Tuck your toes, lift the knees off the floor, and lengthen the tailbone to the sky
  3. Hug the triceps into the midline of the body; push the tops of the thighs back
  4. Hold for 1 – 3 minutes


The Farmers’ Market and Eating Locally

Every weekend I make sure to hit my local farmers’ market to get my produce for the week. There are so many benefits to buying your food at a farmers’ market in addition to the fun of exploring the beautiful stalls of produce.

One of the most important benefits is that you’re eating seasonally, because fresh matters. Studies have shown that some crops have up to three times more nutrients when grown in-season. This is in contrast to non-seasonal foods, which are usually not grown locally, and often picked well before their peak ripeness, helping them endure potentially long travel times.

Foods that travel long distances also may undergo chemical washes and wax coatings to ensure that they don’t spoil during travel. And, considering the costs associated with shipping, storing, and distributing food, eating seasonally can also be more cost effective. Not to mention the fact that foods are generally more abundant while in-season, helping lesson the economic factors associated with limited quantities or scarcity. This in turn helps create and support local economies.

Another good reason to eat locally sourced food is that it helps promote a safer food supply by cutting down on the complications with food safety by simply lessoning the handling of foods throughout the transportation process. Reducing the transportation of food can also have a huge impact on the overall environment by reducing the obvious carbon footprint.

Lastly, getting to know your local farmers is not only a great way to learn more about how your food was grown, but also a way to discover new foods and tips on preparation.

This past weekend at the farmers’ market, I loaded up on tomatoes. And, since tomato season is in full swing, this also means that eggplant season is too! Additionally, the Blue Lake green beans were especially fresh. As for fruits, white nectarines and plums looked especially tasty. Actually, any stone fruit is looking good at the moment.


Here in the Bay Area, we are very lucky to have so many options for farmers’ markets. The following is a list of a few Bay Area farmers markets to try:

The Ferry Building Farmers Market: Year-Round
Tuesday, 10am – 2pm
Thursday, 10am – 2pm
Saturday, 8am – 2pm

Heart of the City Farmers Market (SF Civic Center): Year-Round
Sunday, 7am – 5pm
Wednesday, 7am – 5:30pm

San Rafael Civic Center Farmers Market: Year-Round
Sunday, 8am – 1pm
Thursday, 8am – 1pm

Downtown Berkeley: Year-Round
Center Street @ M. L. King, Jr. Way
Saturdays, 10am – 3pm

Grand Lake Oakland: Year Round
Saturday, 9am – 2pm

Check out these resources for more information:


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