Week 8 of 10 Weeks of Wellness™ – Yoga & Nutrition on Maiden Lane

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) & Meal Planning

Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose gently stretches the hips, inner thighs, knees and groin whiling stimulating circulation and helping to ease fatigue. Baddha Konasana can also help soothe menstrual discomfort and soothe sciatica.

Bound Angle Pose/ Baddha Konasana


  • Stretches hips, inner thighs, groins, and knees
  • Soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica
  • Stimulates circulation and can help relieve fatigue

How to get into the Pose

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs bent and the soles of the feet on the floor
  2. Let the knees fall to the sides as you bring the soles of the feet together
  3. Sit up tall with a straight back or fold your upper body over your legs
  4. Hold for 1 – 5 minutes

Meal Planning


Putting more thought into what you eat can help you eat healthier, while saving you time and money. In the past articles of the 10-Weeks of Wellness series, we have built a base for understanding where and how to shop, what to keep on hand in the kitchen, and how to prepare and flavor food. Taking this one step further, I am going to give you some easy tips for meal planning.

The key to meal planning is to focus on scheduling, specifically around shopping and meal preparations. With your schedule in mind, you can make better decisions on how much food to buy each time you’re at the market and what days will work best for each particular meal.

Some days you may have just barely enough time to chop an onion, while other days you may have time for more elaborate meals, or extra time to cut up lots of vegetables to store for future meals. Also, be sure to keep in mind just how much food you do cook, so you can plan for leftovers.

Meal Planning: Be inspired by (and buy) the foods that are currently in season that you can find at the market. Meals can be shockingly simple and, with good food, often require little preparation and additional ingredients in order to make a stellar meal.

Then, just go with what you know. Surely you have a few “go-to meals” that are easy to make. If you’re still drawing a blank for meals, try consulting with your foodie friends and other people whom you may be sharing your meals with. I have a friend who has a “menu” of entrees that he can easily make off the top of his head. He keeps this “menu” visibly on his fridge and, as he learns new recipes, he just updates his list. It’s frighteningly simple, but brilliant!

Become inspired! Go to the book store and grab some cookbooks. Check out online blogs and websites. Make a “Food & Recipes” bookmark folder on your computer to keep track of your favorite sites. A friend of mine loves to make photocopies from her cookbooks and keep them in one file for easy access to all of her tried and true recipes.

Use an App: There are tons of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones that make it simple to organize weekly meals and shopping lists. Some of these apps have really creative ways to look up recipes or help you choose what to make, depending on available time. And, literally at the click of button, your shopping list can be made, saved, and accessible wherever you go.

Overall, keeping a calendar for tracking what you’re doing can be very helpful. At the end of the day, meal planning is time management, but don’t let that scare you. Being mindful and making this a habit will soon enough become second nature.