What is Pilates “Apparatus” & Why YOU Want It

What is Pilates “Apparatus” & Why YOU Want It

The benefits of Pilates are numerous, and it is an exercise modality that is accessible in multiple formats. Many people are familiar with Pilates mat exercises, but it can also be performed on various Pilates apparatus. The traditional apparatuses that are used in Pilates generally utilize pulleys and resistance based on the participant’s body weight or tension from graduated levels of weighted springs.

The reformer is one of most common apparatus found in Pilates studios. Pilates reformers are typically used for one-on-one, private sessions, or small group classes where instruction is tailored to clients’ goals. The design of the pulley system on the reformer is multifunctional in that it can challenge or assist the exercises performed, depending on the needs of the client. Additionally, the repertoire and movement variations on the reformer are endless, making classes continually challenging even for the most seasoned client.

Maiden Lane Studios’ group apparatus classes are the smallest in size in San Francisco, allowing only 3 clients per class. With a commitment to quality of our services, the designated small size of our apparatus classes ensure that each client receives the highest level of attention and instruction. Not only will you receive specialized instruction in this intimate setting, but you are still receiving the benefits of working out in a group environment. Group classes can engage a sense of teamwork and focus on the common goal of getting the best workout possible.

Maiden Lane Studio’s Pilates program is unique in that our instructors provide more than just a workout. Beyond the challenge in the physical movements, we aim to impart the fundamental connection that Pilates creates between the mind and the body. Our apparatus classes are evolved, challenging, and results-driven, leaving clients with a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness.

To experience a Maiden Lane Studios apparatus class on our brand new, Allegro 2 reformers, view our class schedule online.