Why So Much Rotation?

Why does Maiden Lane Studios Incorporate Rotation into our Pilates Work?

If you have ever taken Pilates apparatus instruction at Maiden Lane Studios, a common phrase you often hear from our instructors is, “And now let’s add rotation.” Some of you may roll your eyes or sigh with dismay at this command and think we are just trying to torture you for the fun of it, but in reality there is purpose behind all the twists and turns we add into our Pilates repertoire.

Rotational exercises are beneficial to all movement modalities because they add dimension into workouts. We live a multidimensional life of movement, therefore we need to train and prepare our bodies accordingly. Rotation, especially through the core (all the muscle groups that run from your hips to your rib cage), gives us the ability to freely move the spine in all directions.

To move functionally and perform daily tasks such as bending, twisting, and lifting, the core muscles have to work in unison: the front, back and side body. Rotational movements, especially rotation on a diagonal plane, recruits muscle engagement from your abs, obliques, and back extensors, and can help engage the spine to move from flexion to extension. In essence, rotation trains the body fully and comprehensively versus training it in just one dimension.

The next time you hear one of your instructors say, “Now rotate,” know we are coming from a good place. Even though adding rotation to your workout may not be the easiest task, it will help you feel better, walk taller, and move with more ease. If you haven’t experienced Pilates at Maiden Lane Studios yet, give it a try and feel the difference it can make. BOOK a Pilates session here.