Yoga and Pilates for Basketball Players: Why It’s Worth It

Practices, workouts, games…. There is so much physical effort and time that goes into an athlete to perform at optimal levels of a sport. To be the best athlete, you have to train to be the best by incorporating a multitude types of training: strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and mental training to have a calm and clear mind to perform well.

In basketball, skills and drills are imperative to work on, but it is also very important to have a well rounded training program off the court, so that the athlete is complete in all areas of the sport. I’m not just talking about a strength training or a conditioning program. I’m referring to training that usually gets worked on very little to not at all, due to lack of knowledge or lack of time. Taking a more mind-body connection approach by adding yoga and Pilates into an athlete’s training program can make all the difference in performance.

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