GRGT™ 4-Week GRGT Yoga Bootcamp Begins February 1, 2014

WHEN: February 1 – 28, 2014
WHERE: 80 Maiden Lane, San Francisco

WHAT: The 4-week GRGT Yoga Bootcamp is designed to refine your practice, strengthen the body, and get your heart pumping. Great for both beginners and intermediate yogis alike, our 4-part program includes weekly 90-minute classes to build your yoga repertoire while working on strength, endurance, and flexibility to take your practice to the next level.

Each class will begin with a cardiovascular warm-up, followed by yoga principles and a yoga flow, deep core work for the abs, back, and hips, and finish with a guided savasana. Please note that space is limited, so sign up early!

WHY: The Yoga Bootcamp will help you create a strong foundation for your practice and find a deeper awareness within your own body. Build strength and endurance, increase flexibility, and challenge your practice.
PRICE: Register by December 31st to Save!

  • $100 for Four 90-minute Yoga Principles + Bootcamp Classes (Price will increase to $125 following on 1-1-14)
  • Add a 4-Pack of Group Classes for $75 (Yoga/Barre/Pilates mat)
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GRGT™ [g-r-g-t: verb, adverb, adjective: get right, get tight].
By popular demand, Maiden Lane Studios is introducing a new program: The GRGT Yoga Bootcamp. Create a strong foundation for your practice while toning and strengthening your body.
Class Times
The GRGT™ Yoga Bootcamp is held weekly starting February 1, 2014 on Saturday mornings. Each GRGT Yoga Class is 90 minutes in length. Additional yoga/barre/Pilates mat classes can be used according to our Regular Class Schedule. Click on the links below to sign up. Drop-in rate is $35 per class.
Stephanie Cross and Lauren Stokes will be co-teaching our GRGT Yoga Bootcamp. Read more about Stephanie and Lauren here.


Please note: Class packages can be used towards GRGT™ Yoga Bootcamp classes from Feb 1, 2014 through Feb 28, 2014. A 6-hour cancellation window applies for additional yoga/barre/Pilates mat classes. All sales are final, no exceptions.

Why Yoga? Why Bootcamp-Style Classes?

The GRGT™ Yoga Bootcamp explores yoga fundamental principles combined with high-intensity cardiovascular and strength training. Each class will begin with a high-intensity full body warm-up designed to quickly heat up the body and build agility, followed by an hour-long themed flow, and finish with deep core work and a guided savasana. You will reap the benefits of a yoga practice while toning and strengthening the body.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga safely strengthens the body while improving flexibility, endurance, and balance. A regular yoga practice can also help improve joint and bone health, while reforming the body to its optimal muscular and skeletal alignment. This strengthening of the body also helps prevents injuries in everyday life.
  • This low-impact exercise also relieves body tension and stress, creating a healthier body and mind. Yoga is a heart-healthy exercise, which studios have shown that yoga can lower bad cholesterol while boosting good cholesterol.
  • Yoga’s mind-body benefits also include mind-body centering and an enhanced mood and overall sense of well-being.
  • The breath and movement sequencing in a yoga practice helps in detoxifying the body through lymphatic stimulation.
  • Although yoga is often thought of as a non-cardiovascular form of exercise, you can easily take your yoga practice to be a more vigorous and cardiovascular level, allowing you to burn excess calories and even lose weight.