Welcome, Zebra Awning – Amanda, Gloria, Michael, and Design Person

Everything we need to move this project along (I hope) is included on this page. If there are changes to be made, I will update this page as we go, in addition to emailing you anything you need. The file names below are clickable for download. They are an EPS format and converted to outlines, so they should work in any program. Let me know if there’s any problems. I opened them up in Illustrator and they came out as rendered below.

First, The Spec

Sizing for this awning: 12′ wide x 7′ drop x 4′ projection. This was the original spec, and I think we should stick with this one.
Ink color for all graphics is WHITE.
QUESTION: What is the height of the valance (the area below the drop where the text “Maiden Lane Studios” will go? I need this to estimate what height the font will be. PLEASE email with this as soon as you can. Thanks!

Second, a Rough Mock-Up

These images represent where the graphics would be placed, and approximately how they will appear. Please notice on the Maiden Lane Studios font how the “A”s are closed. This is why it’s important you use the files I have included without modifications except for sizing when importing the EPS files.

Third, The Files

Graphic #1- The Top – File: mls-graphic-1.eps

Notes: The black part is to be white ink. The “M” and “&” are to show through to the canvas (which is orange). The size of this graphic should be 4′, allowing for 4′ feet on either side of it. It should be positioned exactly in the center.

Graphic #2 – The Valance – File: mls-graphic-2.eps

Notes: This is a specific font that has been modified, so it’s important that you use the file as is, unless you see some issues with it. Then, please let me now and I’ll work through it with you. The placement of this graphic on the valance requires the length to be dependent on the height constraints. I want to have an equal and comfortable spacing above and below this graphic – don’t want it to be too scrunched vertically. If you provide me with the height of the valance, I can determine the exact size for this graphic. Also, it’s important that we center align this image, but only on the words “Maiden Lane Studios.” The trademark symbol would throw off the alignment otherwise.

Graphic #3 – The Side (near top)- File: mls-graphic-3.eps

Notes: This is the number of our address, so I wanted to make it about 50% bigger than the Pilates Barre Yoga copy below it. Not sure how high up it should go, but I’m thinking about 24″ above the top of Graphic #4 (the word PILATES as the base for measurement). If your graphics person can use the mock-up as a guide for this, we should be okay (but still need to look at the recommended sizing for this). I’m thinking that the PILATES BARRE YOGA copy will be approx. 2′ wide (for the largest piece of text, which is PILATES). In the mock-up, I’ve positioned the PILATES BARRE YOGA copy as left-aligned with the 80. From the mock-up, I estimate that it will begin 6″ from the left side of the awning side (for both sides).

Graphic #4 – The Side – File: mls-graphic-4.eps

Notes: The file should be positioned 12″ from the left and 12″ from the bottom (your recommendations would be appreciated if this looks funny, as with everything else)